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Stressed student and college transcript

College Transfer Process Is ‘DIY’ for Many Students

A new report magnifies existing hurdles students face when attempting to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year institution.


How to Build Stackable Credentials

Five actions states and colleges are taking.

Colorado College Welcomes Transfers From Anti-DEI States

Colorado College will welcome any college student seeking to transfer from an “anti-DEI state,” the college announced Thursday . The...

Streamlining and Scaling Transfer for Equity’s Sake: Key Podcast

The complex, confusing process by which students move between colleges has been an acknowledged barrier impeding postsecondary completion, particularly for...

Stacking Credentials

Does it pay off for students from low-income backgrounds?

A photo of students walking on the UC Santa Cruz campus

UC Santa Cruz’s Admissions Gamble

The university admitted a record number of students this year despite a tight local housing market. But in the end, officials expect to increase head count by only about 730 students.


Reverse the Transfer Slide

Three ways we can reimagine community college transfer.


Offering Guaranteed Admission

The Transfer Student Success and Equity Intensive is producing more equitable transfer outcomes.