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Expanding Transfer Student Opportunities

The Transfer Virginia portal’s transfer guide makes it possible for any Virginia community college student to learn about, plan for and transfer to programs across the state without credit loss.


Work Zones Ahead!

Michigan is paving new transfer pathways.

California Campus

U of California Proposes Guaranteed Transfer Plan

Move comes after the governor’s plan, which would force UCLA to accept many more transfers.

Striving to Use Technology to Smooth Transfer Connections

A digital transcript sharing company and a software company that helps manage transfer team up. Leaders hope their union helps students move among higher ed institutions with more ease.

Transfers From Community College Continue to Fall

Despite the decline in transfers, a new report also says six-year college completion rates among transfer students improved.

Pressure to Admit Transfers

California governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget puts funding for UCLA on the line if the highly selective university doesn’t create a guaranteed transfer pathway for community college students. The proposal was met with mixed reactions.

How Short-Term Thinking Deters Colleges From Accepting Transfer Credits

A new white paper suggests colleges need more and better financial incentives to improve transfer processes.

Building Bridges to the Liberal Arts

Campus leaders at Vassar College want to create new pipelines from community colleges to liberal arts institutions.