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A map of the United States showing the 15 states where the Title IX regulations are temporarily on hold

Nearly 700 More Colleges Don’t Have to Comply With New Title IX Rule

A recent injunction barred the Education Department from enforcing its new Title IX rule at colleges attended by members of two conservative student groups. Hundreds of colleges across the country are affected.

Mike Johnson, in a blue suit and flanked by several Republican leaders, stands at a podium

House Republicans Vote to Overturn Biden Title IX Rule

The party-line vote followed a heated debate over the regulations, which strengthen protections for transgender students.

The sculpture "Witness," which shows a towering, golden female figure with a judicial collar and thick braids resembling ram horns.

‘Satanic’ Sculpture Beheaded at University of Houston

A sculpture at the University of Houston, previously protested by some Christian and antiabortion activists, was beheaded Monday, The New...

What’s Missing in Award-Winning LGBTQ Children’s Books: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Wendy Keyser, professor of English at Fitchburg State University, explores whether LGBTQ children’s books tell...
A Black man in a graduation cap holds a toddler

Student Fathers: ‘Invisible of the Invisible’ on Campus

While all student parents face challenges finishing college, student fathers stop out at higher rates than mothers.

Photo illustration of the United States showing the 10 states where the new Title IX regs are currently blocked from taking effect.

Title IX Legal Challenges Target LGBTQ+ Protections

Judges have temporarily blocked the new Title IX regulations in 10 red states so far. Experts expect a long legal fight that could end at the Supreme Court.

Wrapped in bisexual flag and pride flags, this trio of people are waving small pride flags and watching an LGBTQ+ pride event

Helping LGBTQ+ Students Thrive

Colleges and universities can invest in strategies to include, welcome and celebrate their LGBTQ+ community on campus.

A couple shaking hands with third person

Hiring Couples May Help Diversify Faculty Ranks, Tenure Pipeline

A new scorecard aims to provide academic couples comprehensive information about research institutions that are most supportive of dual-career scholars—and more likely to hire them for tenure-track positions.