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Study: Women, People of Color Underrepresented in Top Jobs

Women and people of color are underrepresented in higher education’s best-paying jobs, a new study from the College and University...
Faculty, staff and administrators at Portland State University participate in a data workshop.

Data-Based Decisions Tip: Building a Data Community of Practice

A short course at Portland State University empowers stakeholders to use data sources and consider equity in student success measures.

A photo illustration containing headlines of articles from OpenTheBooks founder Adam Andrzejewski.

A Nonprofit Says Colleges Spend Big on DEI. Is It ‘Wildly’ Overstating the Case?

American Transparency publishes spending investigations under the moniker OpenTheBooks but doesn’t say where it gets its own money. Its definitions of DEI positions are way too broad, says one targeted university. 

Utah State University Worker Paid for 2 Years He Didn’t Work

A Utah State University Eastern staff member who didn’t show up for work for more than two years was still...
A young adult female student consults a mature adult teacher's before leaving class.

Student Affairs Career Advice From the President

A panel of college presidents offered advice to young and midlevel professionals in student affairs at NASPA’s Conferences on Student Success in Higher Education.

New York Film Academy Faculty Members, Staff Unionize in NYC

Employees of the New York Film Academy’s New York City campus have voted overwhelmingly to unionize, the new union announced...
Back of a man’s head looking at a sign that reads “Be patient—short staffed.”

‘The Last Straw’ for Weary Financial Aid Officers

Financial aid offices have been overworked and understaffed since the pandemic. Now the FAFSA fiasco has put some in crisis mode.

Charleston: Race, Water, and the Coming Storm by Susan Crawford book cover

Higher Ed and ‘Charleston: Race, Water, and the Coming Storm’

Climate change and the eight most interesting colleges and universities in the U.S.