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Group of university college tourists walking inside a hotel with suitcases

Report: The Value of Study Abroad for Student Success

An April report from Terra Dotta finds college students who participate in a study-away program believe it benefits their personal and professional growth.

Senior professor talking in front of large group of his students during a lecture in an amphitheater.

Communication on Growth Mindset Can Benefit Student Achievement

New research from Washington State University finds first-generation students perform better after receiving encouraging messages from their instructor on strategies for improvement.

Two woman walking on a college campus

Report: Texas Community College Students Struggling to Make Ends Meet

A new survey from Trellis Strategies finds a majority of two-year students in Texas have run out of money during 2023, but one-third of students have not spoken with their college about their issues.

Curry College President Jay Gonzalez wears academic robes and gestures with his arms at a podium with “Curry College” projected in purple letters behind him.

Curry College Guarantees Graduates Will Be Employed

The college will help those who remain unemployed six months after graduation pay their student loans, find paid internships or allow them to take classes for free.

Four students walk on campus wearing UCF merchandise

Advising on Classes, Life and Anything Else

The University of Central Florida streamlined student supports by merging the roles of academic adviser and student success coach roles into one.

People walk on Drury University’s campus on a sunny day

Student Wellness Tip: Incentivizing Students to Say ‘Hello!’

Drury University leaders created a month-long game to encourage students, faculty and staff to greet each other on campus, building students’ soft skills and breaking barriers to social interaction.

A young woman concentrating as she writes at a table in an academic setting.

Academic Success Tip: Teaching Introverts Confidence and Community

A course at Worcester Polytechnic Institute helps students feel comfortable in their personality type and learn professional skills.

Hundred dollar bill with graduation cap on top of the image of Benjamin Franklin’s head

Report: Cost of College, Stress Pushes Students to Consider Stopping Out

New survey data identifies trends among students who left college and those who are still enrolled but seriously consider leaving.