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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus on a sunny day

Student Wellness Tip: Providing Culturally Competent Counseling

In 2020, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill launched a multicultural counseling service for students. The program leader identifies six actions that have helped make it work.

A young barista hands a man a coffee cup

Career Prep Tip: Make On-Campus Jobs Visible

Colleges and universities host student employment fairs to help learners get plugged into on-campus work opportunities, building their professional skills and helping them fund their education.

Students walk on Illinois Tech's campus during orientation week

Program Innovation: Training the Trainer

A mentorship and support program for up-and-coming student leaders helps boost students’ academic and interpersonal skills as well as student success metrics.

Students sit at computers and a group of students sits at a table together within the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity at USC.

Funding Student Success: Psychoeducational Evals for Academic Accommodations

At the University of Southern California, students who may not have a diagnosed condition or a current evaluation to share may request free testing to help qualify for needed course accommodations through an effort funded by donations and grants.

A male staff member helps a young male student on a library computer

Engaging Librarians in Student Success Work

On college campuses, libraries can serve as a hub and connection point for students. Staff, engagement spaces, campus partnerships and resources also support student success.

Students walk on Georgia State's campus on a sunny day.

Success Program Launch: Building a Transfer Center

Georgia State and the National Institute for Student Success reorganized personnel and established a new workflow at the university to improve the transfer process.

California state lawmakers and Sacramento State leaders smile for a photo in the state Capitol.

Listen: Celebrating Black Student Success and Achievement

In the latest Voices of Student Success episode, learn more about Sacramento State’s establishment of a Black Honors College and a statewide bill to recognize California institutions that help Black students achieve.

Adult teacher talks with a student

Academic Success Tip: Engage Students in Real Talk

A pilot initiative at SUNY Oneonta encourages vulnerability among instructors in the classroom, helping students to see their professors as people and seek help.