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A photo illustration with a photo of Columbia University's campus on the left and a photo of Professor Katherine Franke on the right. Over the photo of the campus is a quote from the complaint against Franke.

Columbia’s President Denounced Her Before Congress. Firing Could Be Next.

Law professor Katherine Franke has long been outspoken in her support of Palestinians. Now, after House Republicans and her university president called her out in an antisemitism hearing, she faces potential termination.

LSU Fires Tenured Shreveport Professor, Environmental Advocate

A tenured professor at Louisiana State University at Shreveport who was accused by his campus chancellor of “creating a toxic...
A couple shaking hands with third person

Hiring Couples May Help Diversify Faculty Ranks, Tenure Pipeline

A new scorecard aims to provide academic couples comprehensive information about research institutions that are most supportive of dual-career scholars—and more likely to hire them for tenure-track positions.

Judge Says LSU Shreveport Broke Open Meetings Law

A judge has ruled that Louisiana State University at Shreveport violated the state’s open meetings law in a faculty member’s...
A protester with a megaphone walking on a street between a wall of protesters and another wall of police

DePaul Adjunct Ousted for Optional Gaza Assignment

Colleges have punished several professors since Oct. 7 for out-of-classroom speech. Now a faculty member has been fired for a task description that referenced “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing” and “a decolonized future.”

A photo illustration containing some recommendations from a draft report by a North Dakota State Board of Higher Education committee.

Tenure Under Fire—Again—in North Dakota

Republican lawmakers and a university president pushed a bill last year that would diminish faculty job protections at two institutions. It failed by a hair, but the State Board of Higher Education has taken up the mantle.

A photo illustration consisting of a photograph of Harvard University’s campus with part of the faculty senate proponents’ written arguments superimposed on top.

Harvard Has No University-Wide Senate—Professors Are Proposing One

Amid attacks in multiple states on shared governance, faculty members seek to strengthen their role at America’s oldest higher education institution.

A photo illustration combining a headshot of Brian Salvatore with a quote from LSU Shreveport’s letter listing the charges against him.

LSU Shreveport Seeks to Fire Tenured Environmental Advocate

The university says Brian Salvatore, who’s made accusations against multiple fellow faculty members, has created a “toxic” work environment.