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A male staff member helps a young male student on a library computer

Engaging Librarians in Student Success Work

On college campuses, libraries can serve as a hub and connection point for students. Staff, engagement spaces, campus partnerships and resources also support student success.

A mom and daughter work together on a laptop

Campus Engagement Tip: Webinars Teach Parents About Higher Ed

A new initiative at Alabama A&M University invites first-generation parents to be part of their students’ academic experience through monthly webinars led by student affairs staff.

Hepner Hall at San Diego State University on a sunny day

Data-Based Decisions Tip: Responding to Student Housing Needs

An institutional survey at San Diego State University helped campus leaders identify students who needed support and revise strategies in housing and residence life.

Group of diverse college student friends laughing and chatting sitting on the grass on campus

Report: What Matters to International Students in Their College Experience

Career preparation and social integration are key elements to international student success, according to a June study.

Wrapped in bisexual flag and pride flags, this trio of people are waving small pride flags and watching an LGBTQ+ pride event

Helping LGBTQ+ Students Thrive

Colleges and universities can invest in strategies to include, welcome and celebrate their LGBTQ+ community on campus.

The College of Charleston hosts a graduation ceremony at the Cistern

Program Innovation: Getting Learners Involved for Academic Achievement

A longstanding program at the College of Charleston provides a cohort of encouragement and assistance for students not reaching their full potential to excel inside and outside of the classroom.

A group of protesters gather outside a building at MIT.

Interim Suspensions Leave MIT Student Protesters Stranded

The university, which is home to a large number of families, gave suspended students a week to find new lodgings. Administrators said they acted in the interest of the rights of everyone on campus.

Five students walk on a college campus on a sunny day

Guide Addresses Campus Climate in Upcoming Election

A new resource from the Constructive Dialogue Institute serves as a playbook for higher ed administrators and practitioners during the 2024 election.