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Students and alumni smile for a photo after a UCLA dinner.

Campus Engagement Tip: Invite Students to Dine with Strangers

A decades-old tradition at the University of California, Los Angeles, brings together students and alumni over a meal to build connections and trust.

Students present undergraduate research in an open room

New on the Job: Q&A With John Andrick, St. John’s University and College of Saint Benedict

As the inaugural dean for student academic success, Andrick discusses his role, how he works across two institutions and the need for student supports in and outside of the classroom.

A student walks on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus on a sunny day with a dog

Data-Based Decisions Tip: Collecting Input on MSI Initiatives

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is launching an employee survey to better understand how university initiatives are supporting minority groups on campus and where the institution could invest resources.

A photo of Sacramento State’s  Esak´timá Center interior, with a conference table, red couch and Native American art on the wall.

Colleges Create Campus Spaces for Student Identity

To help students feel they belong at the institution, institutions are investing in facilities that promote student identity and meet their needs.

Group of young people smiling as they work together at a desk.

Campus Engagement Tip: Recognize Student Employees

Each April, colleges and universities celebrate National Student Employment Week. Here are eight strategies supervisors can use to acknowledge the work of their learners.

A big group of happy friends stands together with raised arms.

Investing in Students’ Spring Breaks

Academic breaks can be used to support students in boosting their physical wellness, exploring career paths or gaining service-learning experiences.

Two female university student friends in their dorm bedroom are studying together while sitting on the bed

Research: Understanding the First-Gen Experience

A qualitative study from a Virginia Tech researcher identifies five themes in the lived experiences of first-generation students in a scholarship program and five recommendations to better support them.

Blurred motion of people walking along the corridor in big library

24-7 Library Spaces Drive Commuter Student Success

Campus libraries with a designated room open all the time benefit students who travel to campus and any campus community member needing a late-night study space.