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A Long Wait for the Next Bus

The nationwide bus driver shortage is impacting campus transit: colleges are adjusting bus schedules, training new drivers and handing out taxi vouchers to help students get around.

‘Complicated and Messy’

Philip Goodrich offers recommendations for how student government leaders can take the lead in navigating complex free expression issues on campus.

Service-Oriented Culture at Colleges With One-Stop Shops

Colleges whose leaders make the effort to combine service-oriented departments into one center tend to provide stronger service interactions across campus, as this infographic shows.

‘Do I Belong Here?’ Students’ Service Experiences Through the Lens of Campus Climate

Colleges can amplify the experiences of students reaching out to campus offices by ensuring they feel safe and comfortable, write campus climate consultants Genevieve Weber, Sue Rankin and Erik Malewski.

Meeting Student Expectations That Align With Customer-Centric Industries

Institutions must develop a student-centric model of customer service, which is now key to student success, writes Emily A. Messa, a certified auxiliary service professional.

The Mindset List

Marist College releases annual list of what freshmen know (and what they don’t know).

Students Vote for Remote (Employees)

When making decisions about whether non-faculty employees’ jobs could be done remotely or under a hybrid arrangement, college and university officials may not realize that most students don’t expect or feel they need in-person staff.

Bonding Over the Trauma of Hazing

Filmmaker Byron Hurt discusses the research, family tragedies and personal experience that compelled him to make the new documentary Hazing.