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A group of protesters gather outside a building at MIT.

Interim Suspensions Leave MIT Student Protesters Stranded

The university, which is home to a large number of families, gave suspended students a week to find new lodgings. Administrators said they acted in the interest of the rights of everyone on campus.

Five students walk on a college campus on a sunny day

Guide Addresses Campus Climate in Upcoming Election

A new resource from the Constructive Dialogue Institute serves as a playbook for higher ed administrators and practitioners during the 2024 election.

Four students pose in white T-shirts, facing the camera, in front of a fountain at Pepperdine University.

Campus Engagement Tip: Providing Role Models for First-Gen Students

Pepperdine University’s First Waves program provides leadership opportunities for learners and involves faculty and staff in caring for first-generation students.

Two students wearing blue shirts and backpacks smile for a photo in front of a brick wall

Program Innovation: Peer Support for Neurodivergent Students

The University of Montana at Missoula involves students in serving learners with differences and creating awareness of neurodivergent issues on campus.

People walk on Drury University’s campus on a sunny day

Student Wellness Tip: Incentivizing Students to Say ‘Hello!’

Drury University leaders created a month-long game to encourage students, faculty and staff to greet each other on campus, building students’ soft skills and breaking barriers to social interaction.

A group of students wearing dressy casual clothing smile for a photo

Campus Engagement Tip: Investing in Student Leader Training

Texas A&M University at San Antonio requires its peer mentors to participate in over 200 hours of onboarding and professional development of its peer mentors throughout the year.

Boston U. Residence Life Workers Strike, Joining Grad Students

Boston University, three weeks into dealing with an ongoing graduate student worker strike, saw Residence Life workers join the walkout...
Students and alumni smile for a photo after a UCLA dinner.

Campus Engagement Tip: Invite Students to Dine with Strangers

A decades-old tradition at the University of California, Los Angeles, brings together students and alumni over a meal to build connections and trust.