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Students walk in front of an academic building at Tennessee State University on a sunny day.

A Lost ‘Fight to Prevent State Overreach’ at Tennessee State

The historically Black university’s Board of Trustees has been replaced by the governor's picks. 

President Joe Biden stands in a blue graduation robe at a podium with the crest for Howard University in the background.

Will Biden’s Support for HBCUs Bring in Votes?

Advocates of historically Black colleges say the administration’s strong support for HBCUs could pay off in the voting booth. But many black college students voice ambivalence about President Biden and some of his policies.

Lawmakers Vote to Vacate Tennessee State University Board

Tennessee House Republicans voted to vacate the entire board of Tennessee State University on Thursday, reversing a previous deal reached...
Students at South Carolina State University stand smiling with Meir Muller and Devin Randolph.

Antisemitism Awareness Program Launched at HBCUs

Students at South Carolina State University and Voorhees University are learning about antisemitism and the history of Black-Jewish relations as part of a new program.

A sign reads “Bethune-Cookman University” in large maroon letters in front of a campus building.

Bethune-Cookman Disbands and Replaces Alumni Association

The former alumni association has been dissolved after a two-year legal fight that has left alumni smarting. 

An image from the report of a college’s server room with wires everywhere and paint damage from Hurricane Maria.

HSIs Saddled With Millions of Dollars in Deferred Maintenance

A U.S. Government Accountability Office report found Hispanic-serving institutions have an alarming range of infrastructure needs and backlogs of delayed repairs.

Saint Augustine’s Loses Accreditation Appeal

Struggling Saint Augustine’s University has lost an appeal to maintain its accreditation and now plans to file an injunction to...
A photo illustration of a stack of bills with a past due notice.

Struggling Saint Augustine’s Hit With $7.9 Million Tax Lien

Financial issues continue to mount for the beleaguered North Carolina HBCU, even as it awaits a looming decision on its accreditation status.