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A photo illustration including a photo of Kendrick Morales and a quote from the Academic Freedom Alliance saying "Notably, student grades in Professor Morales's classes were altered by the senior administration without notice or consultation with Professor Morales."

Professor Says Spelman Raised Students’ Grades, Fired Him

Former tenure-track faculty member says the college inflated students’ grades and axed him after he complained. Some say that violates academic freedom.

Photo illustration of an empty desk and Help Wanted sign

HBCUs Without Presidents

At least 18 four-year HBCUs lack permanent leaders. Experts say presidential turnover harms relationships with donors and alumni and undermines continuity.

Institutional Debts Cleared for Thousands of Morehouse Students

The Debt Collective, an organization that advocates for clearing federal student loan debt , partnered with Morehouse College to wipe...

California Law Aids Transfer to HBCUs

A new California law, recently signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, gives financial assistance to California community college students transferring to...
Asian woman picks a book off of a shelf at a library

Federal Grant Proves Elusive for Certain Colleges

The money is set aside for institutions serving large numbers of Asian American, Native American and Pacific Islander students, but many eligible colleges don’t apply because of bureaucratic hurdles.

An image of the text alert sent to Lane College students superimposed on a photo of a campus building. The text message reads, "Lane College Campus lock down, Campus lock down. Black male, dreads black hoody the area of Jennie Hall possibly armed. Any contact call JPD or Security."

A Lockdown, Then Criticism at Lane College

Some people on campus complained about a lack of communication during a recent lockdown. Lane administrators said they took all necessary steps to keep everyone informed.

An illustration of quotes from the Biden administration's letter over a photo of a classroom.

States Underfunded Historically Black Land Grants by $13 Billion Over 3 Decades

The secretaries of agriculture and education have issued letters to 16 governors, urging them to rectify the inequities in funding.

A physical therapy doctoral student at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore points to a poster with data and diagrams on it.

Repeated Objections Impede Program Development in Maryland

New programs recently proposed by Johns Hopkins and Towson Universities were contested by other colleges worried that they duplicate their own programs.