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National Protest Day Planned Against ‘Attacks’ on Higher Ed

Faculty members and students plan to hold events across numerous campuses Wednesday, April 17, to kick-start a movement against what...
An illustration of witnesses who spoke at the FAFSA hearing

‘Game-Changing Crisis’: Lawmakers, Experts Vent FAFSA Frustrations

While one House committee probed the FAFSA mess Wednesday, another grilled Education Secretary Miguel Cardona about the disastrous rollout of the student-aid form.

President stands in a suit jacket and tie holding a thumb up. A sign saying, “Canceling Student Debt,” is displayed behind him.

Biden Touts Latest Debt Relief Plan

With events in three states, Biden and other officials detailed the latest plans to provide debt relief—doubling down on loan forgiveness as a key campaign issue.

A photo illustration of silhouettes of men transposed over snippets of anonymous complaints against scholars and diversity, equity and inclusion officials.

Black Scholars Face Anonymous Accusations in Anti-DEI Crusade

Since right-wing firebrand Christopher Rufo helped bring down Harvard’s president, at least seven more scholars—most of them Black—have confronted accusations of plagiarism or research misconduct spread by conservative media.

President Joe Biden stands in a blue graduation robe at a podium with the crest for Howard University in the background.

Will Biden’s Support for HBCUs Bring in Votes?

Advocates of historically Black colleges say the administration’s strong support for HBCUs could pay off in the voting booth. But many black college students voice ambivalence about President Biden and some of his policies.

S.C. House Bill Says Colleges Can’t Request DEI Statements

The South Carolina House of Representatives has passed a bill that would ban public colleges and universities from asking applicants...
A photo illustration with a section of House Bill 2735 overlaying a photo of the University of Arizona’s campus.

Arizona GOP Bill Would Stifle Faculty Power in Governance

The legislation, nearing passage, would bolster the power of presidents and regents while reducing faculty members to merely “consulting” on governing, academic and personnel decisions.

Bill Seeks Funding Ban for Medical Schools With DEI Programs

A Republican congressman from North Carolina wants to prohibit federal funding, including student loans, for medical schools with diversity, equity...