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UF Professors Blocked as Witnesses Win $374K in Legal Fees

A judge has awarded nearly $374,000 in legal expenses to the three University of Florida professors who sued the institution...
Nikki Haley, in a white suit, stands next to Ron DeSantis, who is wearing a dark suit and blue tie. Both are at podiums.

Republican Presidential Candidates Criticize Colleges’ Response to Israel-Hamas War

Republican presidential candidates threatened Wednesday evening to cut federal funding from colleges and universities and deport international students who are...
Donald Trump, in a blue suit and red tie and standing in front of American flags, points up.

Trump Free College Plan Taps ‘Restless Discontent’ Over Higher Ed

The plan to create a national online college is a political nonstarter, experts say, but it capitalizes on concerns about price and politics in higher education.

A photo of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump shaking hands in 2018

Should College Presidents Criticize Political Candidates?

Some higher ed leaders have voiced concerns about the threats GOP front-runners Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis pose to democracy. Others are uneasy about weighing in on an ongoing race.

Ron DeSantis pictured at an event after winning a second term as governor of Florida

When Governors Seek the Presidency

Florida governor Ron DeSantis announced a presidential run Wednesday after a legislative session that imposed dramatic changes on public higher education. What does it mean for his candidacy?

A video of Donald Trump plays on an iPad with college textbooks in the background

Trump’s ‘Secret Weapon’? College Accreditation

Accreditors said the plan was not practical and represented a shift for the former president. The issue of accreditation has become the subject of much debate between the two leading Republicans eyeing the presidency in 2024.