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Donald Trump stands at a podium in front of a blue backdrop that reads "White House Initiative for Historically Black Colleges and Universities"

Did Trump Get HBCUs ‘All Funded’?

Advocates and leaders of historically Black colleges say Trump’s presidency was a mixed bag for their institutions—and his record may signal what’s ahead for them if he wins again.

UC Board Bans Political Statements From Department Homepages

After months of delaying a planned vote on the issue, the University of California’s Board of Regents voted 13 to...

Kansas Chemist Gets Final Acquittal in China Ties Case

Five years after arrest in Trump administration crackdown, Chinese-born Franklin Feng Tao gets vindication—and wants his job back

Former president Trump stands in front of a plane at a podium. A Trump 2024 sign is in the foreground.

How a Second Trump Term Could Turn Up the Heat on Higher Ed

Higher ed wasn’t a top priority for Donald Trump when he first took office. But now that he and the GOP see attacking elite institutions and regulating colleges as winning political issues, a second term is likely to bring more aggressive policies.

AFT Launches Push for Academic Freedom, Job Security, College Access

The American Federation of Teachers, of which the American Association of University Professors is an affiliate, is launching a $1...

Instructor Leaves Bellarmine After Post, Allegedly About Trump

An instructor is no longer employed at Bellarmine University after posting on Instagram, “if you’re gonna shoot, man, don’t miss,”...
J.D. Vance, in a blue suit, shakes hands with someone on the floor of the Republican National Convention.

J.D. Vance Called Universities ‘The Enemy.’ Now He’s Trump’s VP Pick.

The Yale Law School graduate has used sharp criticism of elite higher ed to help establish his MAGA bona fides and build a national brand.

A photograph of Simon Cullen, an assistant teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon University, teaching a class.

Bridging the Campus Divide With ‘Dangerous Ideas’ and AI Debate Moderators

In this polarized time, one assistant professor is teaching students to argue more constructively about the most contentious topics: abortion, guns, transracial identities, moral obligations to animals—even the existence of God.