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An illustration of multiple featureless black faces with red tape over where their mouths would be.

A Dean Called for Silencing Harvard’s Faculty Critics. He’s Been Roasted.

Lawrence D. Bobo’s argument that professors should face sanctions for inciting “external actors” to “intervene” at the university has been roundly lambasted. But it tapped into an ongoing debate: When is outside intervention warranted?

Arizona Governor Vetoes Attempt to Limit Faculty Governing Power

Arizona’s Democratic governor on Friday vetoed a bill that would have diminished faculty members’ role in the shared governance of...
A student standing beside Ohio State University mascot Brutus Buckeye holding a sign asking students if they are registered to vote.

Where Do Students Vote—and Why?

Convenience may be the biggest driver in guiding college students on where to cast their ballots, but for many politics also plays a significant role.

A photo illustration including a photograph of Charles J. (Chuck) Cooper with text from the Stop WOKE Act superimposed over his face.

Florida Argues It Could Stop Professors From Criticizing Governor

A nationally prominent conservative lawyer, hired to defend the state’s Stop WOKE Act, asserted that what public university professors say in classrooms “is the government’s speech.” The national implications for academic freedom could be dire.

Illustration showing a group of students sitting down and a few are shaded orange

Colleges in Republicans’ Crosshairs Enroll Only a Sliver of U.S. College Students

About one percent of U.S. undergraduates attend the 12 selective, mostly private institutions under Congressional scrutiny. But conservatives cast them as emblematic of higher education writ large.

A man talks into a microphone with his laptop in front of him and text next to his head

UNC System’s Controlled DEI Demolition

The University of North Carolina System Board of Governors voted to repeal the system’s DEI policy. Will the outcomes differ from those in states that did so through legislation?

Speaker Mike Johnson points a finger while standing behind a podium. Virginia Foxx and Elise Stefanik stand next to him.

House Republicans Threaten Colleges’ Federal Funding With New Investigations

Six House committees will probe 10 colleges’ responses to antisemitism. Is it a serious effort or a politicized “fishing expedition”?

Foxx, Cassidy Accuse Biden Administration of Obstructing FAFSA Investigation

Leading Congressional Republicans say the Biden administration has failed to comply with the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s investigation into the...