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Illustration showing a group of students sitting down and a few are shaded orange

Colleges in Republicans’ Crosshairs Enroll Only a Sliver of U.S. College Students

About one percent of U.S. undergraduates attend the 12 selective, mostly private institutions under Congressional scrutiny. But conservatives cast them as emblematic of higher education writ large.

A man talks into a microphone with his laptop in front of him and text next to his head

UNC System’s Controlled DEI Demolition

The University of North Carolina System Board of Governors voted to repeal the system’s DEI policy. Will the outcomes differ from those in states that did so through legislation?

Speaker Mike Johnson points a finger while standing behind a podium. Virginia Foxx and Elise Stefanik stand next to him.

House Republicans Threaten Colleges’ Federal Funding With New Investigations

Six House committees will probe 10 colleges’ responses to antisemitism. Is it a serious effort or a politicized “fishing expedition”?

Foxx, Cassidy Accuse Biden Administration of Obstructing FAFSA Investigation

Leading Congressional Republicans say the Biden administration has failed to comply with the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s investigation into the...

Texas Professors Sue to Further Limit Student Access to Abortion

Two University of Texas at Austin professors have joined a state lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education and Education...
A photo of a protester at Columbia University wearing a sign reading “Suspension for Gaza is the Highest Honor! Viva Palestina.”

Colleges Eye Rule Changes in the Wake of Spring Protests

Pro-Palestinian encampments and protests strained college policies this spring. As summer sets in, some are revising rules ahead of a potentially tumultuous fall.

A photo illustration containing some recommendations from a draft report by a North Dakota State Board of Higher Education committee.

Tenure Under Fire—Again—in North Dakota

Republican lawmakers and a university president pushed a bill last year that would diminish faculty job protections at two institutions. It failed by a hair, but the State Board of Higher Education has taken up the mantle.

Harvard to Refrain From Statements on Political Issues

Harvard University will refrain from making statements on public policy issues not directly related to institutional functions, interim president Alan...