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The front gate of Barnard College. A brick building is in the background with a wrought iron fence in the front, which says "Barnard College of Columbia University"

Inside Barnard’s Pyramid Approach to AI Literacy

The New York institution’s unusual take on artificial intelligence could serve as a blueprint for others grappling with implementation. 

The True Crisis of the Humanities

No longer are engagement with serious texts, weighty intellectual and ethical issues, and the arts central to a college education.

Man selects correct options using his finger on a screen

Why Faculty Should Randomize Grading Order

Research from the University of Michigan finds sequential grading biases impact students with alphabetically lower last names, due in part to LMS default ordering. Here’s what professors can do about it.

Three caucasian men dressed casually are seated on a stage engaging with the audience.

New Data Consortium Wants Colleges to ‘Own’ Their AI Future

American Council on Education will lead global effort to pool data on tens of millions of students to improve learner success and collaborate on AI tools.


Assessment of Student Learning Is Broken

And generative AI is the thing that broke it, Zach Justus and Nik Janos write.

A photo illustration including a photo of Kendrick Morales and a quote from the Academic Freedom Alliance saying "Notably, student grades in Professor Morales's classes were altered by the senior administration without notice or consultation with Professor Morales."

Professor Says Spelman Raised Students’ Grades, Fired Him

Former tenure-track faculty member says the college inflated students’ grades and axed him after he complained. Some say that violates academic freedom.

An illustration of a college student's transcript with grades redacted in red.

Our Transcripts Are Academic Rap Sheets—and We Can Do Better

Learning (not rigor) is what prepares students for life after graduation, and our teaching—and transcripts—should reflect that, Jane L. Lubischer writes.

A picture of the book jacket for "Off the Mark" on the left, beside individual headshots of the two authorsh

How Grading Veered 'Off the Mark'

A new book by two education professors explores why assessment became so fraught and what we can do to restore its original purpose: helping students learn.