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Goucher Receives $55 Million Gift for Scholarships

Goucher College has received a gift of approximately $55 million, which will be used primarily for scholarships, the college announced...
Northland College campus

Wisconsin College Teeters on the Brink, in Public

Northland College announced a potential closure last month hoping to spark last-minute fundraising to save itself. It hasn’t worked so far.

A sign reads “Bethune-Cookman University” in large maroon letters in front of a campus building.

Bethune-Cookman Disbands and Replaces Alumni Association

The former alumni association has been dissolved after a two-year legal fight that has left alumni smarting. 

A street with people walking and a domed building on the horizon

Can a Marketing Push Solve UW Madison's Political Woes?

Wisconsin's flagship spent the past year entangled in political battles with state lawmakers. Could a new advertising campaign put it back in their good graces?

Three Mugs hanging with college logos on them

Small Thank-You Gifts May Boost Alumni Donor Engagement

New research debunks the myth that openly advertising trinkets given to new donors as an incentive can dissuade frequent givers.

Northland College Fundraises to Avoid Closure

Northland College in Wisconsin is seeking a $12 million lifeline from donors to keep its doors open. If it fails...

Billion-Dollar Donation Makes Tuition Free at Albert Einstein Medical College

A $1 billion donation to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx borough of New York City will...
Money being put in piggy bank

Another Bountiful Year of Big (and Small) Donations

Despite declining public support in some quarters and growing questions about the value and mission of higher ed, generous benefactors gave colleges $58 billion last fiscal year, according to a new survey.