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The book cover for Tessa Hill and Eric Simons’s “At Every Depth: Our Growing Knowledge of the Changing Oceans,” featuring white text against a blue, ocean-like background.

Knowing Our Fast-Changing Ocean

Scott McLemee reviews Tessa Hill and Eric Simons’s At Every Depth: Our Growing Knowledge of the Changing Oceans.

A building on the New College of Florida campus

California Should Create a New ‘New College’

In condemning Republican assaults on higher ed, we should ask too what Democrats are doing to defend it, Paul Hansen writes.

A nighttime scene of a large mass of students attending a pro-Palestinian rally on Columbia University's campus, with Butler Library lit up in the background.

Higher Ed on the Hot Seat (Again)

Columbia’s president has a chance to tell a different story during today’s Congressional hearing on antisemitism, Teresa Valerio Parrot and Erin A. Hennessy write.

Computer keyboard keys float in the air against a white background, disconnected from one another, spelling out “COPY” and “PASTE.”

A New Way to Think About Plagiarism

To figure out whether an accusation of plagiarism is serious, apply the counterfactual test, Garrett Pendergraft writes.

A green number 2 pencil lies atop a multiple choice answer sheet with some bubbles filled in.

In Return to Tests, Don’t Forgo Disability Equity

As colleges reinstate standardized testing requirements, they must consider students with learning disabilities, Dwight Richardson Kelly writes.

The cover of the book “Is College Worth It?” featuring an oversized orange question mark against a navy blue background.

Is College Worth It?

David Wippman and Glenn C. Altschuler review a new book taking on the “myth” of the college wage premium.

Paper money falls from the sky against a charcoal grey background.

We Should Rethink Performance-Based Funding

States should provide upfront funding for colleges to invest in proven strategies to meet completion goals, Charles Ansell writes.

A graphic depiction of a job application with blank text against a teal background.

Why I’m a Convert to Diversity Statements

Diversity statements proved surprisingly helpful to our red-state university search committee, Suzanne Penuel writes.