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A drawing of a faceless figure atop a ladder adding the top block to a vertical stack of alphabetical blocks that spell out "LUCK."

Welcome to the Admissions ‘Luckocracy’

The degree to which the college admission process is a meritocracy may be in question—but it’s most certainly a luckocracy, Jim Jump writes.

From left to right, Claudine Gay, president of Harvard University, Elizabeth Magill, now former president of University of Pennsylvania, Pamela Nadell, professor of history and Jewish studies at American University, and Sally Kornbluth, president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, testified before the House Education and Workforce Committee last week on the issue of antisemitism on campuses. In the photo of the hearing, Gay, in the foreground, is speaking.

Lessons on Moral Clarity From the Antisemitism Hearing

The presidents’ answers were not so much wrong as they were deaf to the moral imperatives of the moment, Karl Schonberg writes.

A cyborg standing by a blank whiteboard as if at the front of a classroom.

AI Won’t Replace Writing Instruction

And here’s why, Mandy Olejnik writes.

A male college student sits alone in a hallway with his hands on his head, looking anxious and stressed.

Young, Male and Adrift

College-aged men need to feel better supported and connected than many currently do, Andrew Reiner writes.

A green notebook with white text that reads "coronavirus lawsuit."

COVID Lawsuits Plague Colleges

Trends are emerging in the wave of court cases stemming from the shift to remote learning in 2020, Lisa Gerson and Michael Ferrara write.

An open drawer in a filing cabinet.

Measuring Censorship Is Hard, and Stopping It May Be Harder

Censorship often comes from scientists themselves, driven by laudable motives, Musa al-Gharbi and Nicole Barbaro write.

A panoramic view of the University of California, Berkeley, campus as seen from a distance, with the bell tower rising above the other buildings.

Access, Fairness and Graduate Programs in the Humanities

In favoring applicants from elite private institutions, graduate programs in the humanities are shutting out talented students, Timothy Hampton writes.

The book jacket for Chip Colwell's "So Much Stuff: How Humans Discovered Tools, Invented Meaning, and Made More of Everything."

We Are All Hoarders Now

Scott McLemee reviews Chip Colwell’s So Much Stuff.