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A digital outline of a brain is surrounded by AI-related images. A keyboard is next to the images.

Prioritize ChatGPT Proficiency to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Educators have a responsibility to think beyond cheat-proof assignments, teaching students to use AI proficiently and creatively in the classroom, writes Amy Kristof-Brown.

An overhead view of a densely attended pro-Palestinian rally on Harvard's campus: Palestinian flags are visible, as are signs, including one that reads "Stop the Genocide."

A Duty of Care

In their responses to the Israel-Hamas conflict, many faculty members and administrators seem to have lost sight of their students’ well-being, Ben Sorkin writes.

The word "Doxing" in block letters against a white background featuring a plant.

The Failure of FERPA

The Harvard doxing-truck debacle lays bare FERPA’s obsolescence in the digital age—and why protecting student privacy matters to their learning now more than ever, Sarah Hartman-Caverly writes.

A stack of books, with the top book open.

A New Definition of the Humanities

It’s time for a better—and more strategic—definition, Jeffrey R. Wilson writes.

A close-up of Ben Sasse's face, resting his chin on this folded hands. He is a light-skinned man with short dark hair who is wearing a suit.

Don’t Sass Us, Ben Sasse

The University of Florida president is not afraid to make a strong statement—just not about affairs in his own state, Walter M. Kimbrough writes.

Woodburn Hall at West Virginia University.

A Liberal Education in Name Only

A liberal arts education means something, and colleges that slash programs should stop using the term in their promises to students, Christopher A. Snyder writes.

A graphic with the word "scholarship" in a cloud-shaped bubble, against the background of a desk, with a keyboard and school supplies visible in the background.

Designing Scholarships With Intention

Choices in scholarship design and administration can determine whether scholarships open doors for students or (unintentionally) close them, Krista Chronister and tia north write.

An overhead view of smoke billowing over Gaza City in the aftermath of Israeli air strikes.

Who Can Speak? Between Power, Silence and Complicity

As the Israel-Palestine conflict escalates, faculty members are fearful of speaking up, Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt and Johnny E. Williams write.