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A large sign on a university campus that reads "Office of Admissions and Recruitment."

No Such Thing as Perfect Admissions Criteria

A recent survey of AAPI adults drives that point home, Jim Jump writes.

A shiny silver human-like robot stands pointing at a green chalkboard, where "A.I." is written in white chalk.

Memo to Faculty: AI Is Not Your Friend

The time to resist is now, Scott Latham writes.

A picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking into a microphone.

The Roots of Anti-University Rhetoric

Bradford Vivian writes that growing anti-university sentiment can be traced to pro-authoritarian movements abroad.

An aerial photograph depicting destroyed buildings and streets following the Israeli military’s ground operation at Jabalia Refugee Camp.

When Language Is a Weapon

Social scientists should resist the distortions of language that are (mis)shaping perceptions of the war in Gaza, Michel DeGraff writes.

A graphic depicting grades ranging from A+ to F, each written in red ink and circled.

Why Grade Complaints Are Misunderstood

Spoiler alert: Students are not solely to blame, Rebekah Peeples writes.

A silhouette of protesters against a white background. The figure in the front of the image has an arm raised and is obviously shouting into a bullhorn. Behind this figure, other protesters hold signs in the air.

Protecting Free Speech, Promoting Free Inquiry

Rajiv Vinnakota offers recommendations for campus leaders as they prepare for student protests to resume this fall.

A graphic of the word "denied," stamped in red, against a white background.

Denied? That Top College Lied

Test scores matter more than elite colleges let on, David Blobaum writes.

A silver-toned photo of a gleaming, modern empty science laboratory.

The Uncertain Future of Private Research Universities

The growing share of research costs covered by institutions risks making the private research university business model unsustainable, Robert A. Brown writes.