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An assortment of wooden blocks that spell "FAFSA."

This Year Isn’t Lost for FAFSA

FAFSA submissions are down significantly, but there’s time to close the gap, Bill DeBaun writes.

A paper version of the FAFSA application.

All Hands on the FAFSA Deck

Colleges, government, high schools and community groups can find common purpose in encouraging FAFSA completion, Marvin Krislov writes.

Displaced Palestinian children gather around a vat of what appears to be soup, holding containers to collect food aid.

Cease-Fire Now

Michael S. Roth pushes back against calls for college leaders to stay silent.

A photo of chairs around a sleek conference table.

A Primary Loyalty

An ongoing debate in Virginia speaks to the need to clarify the bedrock duties of university boards, Thomas K. Hyatt and Morgan Alexander write.

An illustration of a mobile phone bearing the name “Sora” below the OpenAI logo.

Text-to-Video AI Could Change How We Think

Text-to-video technology could supplant writing as a primary mode of thinking and communication, Steven K. Johnson writes.

A standardized test answer sheet, with some bubbles filled in, and a pencil and eraser placed on top.

Reinstating Tests Is a Step Back for Access

The reasons elite colleges give for reinstating their standardized test requirements don’t stand up to scrutiny, Audrey Fisch writes.

A side view of a female professor lecturing to college students in a classroom.

Professors Are Not the Problem

The ‘viewpoint diversity’ movement ignores that professors aren’t just curators of readings –we’re experts in assessing arguments, Simon Feldman and Afshan Jafar write.

A close-up photo of a Black athlete’s hand holding a basketball, against a black background..

The Exploitation of Black Athletes

As March Madness begins, let’s acknowledge the racial exploitation behind college sports, Christian Collins writes.