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A close-up of the facade of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Whom Would Jesus Cancel?

Alex Small offers a Catholic defense of academic freedom in the wake of a Catholic University of America lecturer’s firing.

A male teacher leads four students, sitting in a circle and two of them at desks while two of them are sitting on top of desks.

A Blueprint for Improving Campus Dialogue and Belonging

Administrators focused on supporting meaningful engagement across lines of difference should consider 10 principles to bring about change, writes Caroline Mehl of the Constructive Dialogue Institute.

An overhead view of a group of six students studying together, their books and notebooks open, around a small, cozy table.

Gluing Higher Ed Back Together

Nine members of the National Learning Community Collaborative argue that now is the time to invest in learning communities.

A graphic depicting 18 arms and fists, representing a variety of skin colors, pumped in the air in a gesture of solidarity.

The Black History Higher Ed Needs Now

In higher ed today, the wisdom of marrying the labor and racial justice movements is once again apparent, Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt writes.

A close-up image of a dictionary entry for "Islamophobia."

The War on Terror Never Ended

The current assault on academic freedom operates through anti-Muslim racism, Mariam Durrani and Sarah Ghabrial write.

Three wooden blocks that read "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion."

What’s Lost in Dismantling DEI Offices

Colleges should back up their diversity commitments in their organizational structures, Eugene T. Parker III writes.

A standardized test answer sheet with bubbles filled in. A pencil and a small circular clock sit atop the sheet.

What to Make of Dartmouth?

Jim Jump considers Dartmouth’s decision to reinstate standardized testing “in context.”

The book cover for Derek Bok's Attacking the Elites.

Can Higher Ed Avoid a Dire Future?

David Wippman and Glenn Altschuler review Derek Bok’s Attacking the Elites.