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A dictionary entry for the word "wisdom." Though the full definition is not visible, words that are visible include "knowledge" and "experience."

‘Wisdom Skills’ Are Hard to Teach—AI Can Help

AI-assisted educational games can expand experiential learning opportunities at scale, Tim Dasey writes.

The word "expertise" in white against a blue background. Visible items in the background include a pair of glasses, a calculator, a pen and charts/graphs.

Legitimating Expertise

Rebuilding public trust in expertise starts with us, says Julia M. Wright.

A graphic featuring a red arrow moving in a downward direction atop the word "BUDGET."

‘Colleges on the Brink’

Broken budgets, not hostile takeovers, are the biggest challenge for most presidents, Michael T. Nietzel and Charles M. Ambrose write.

A pencil lies atop a score sheet with multiple choice bubbles for a standardized test.

The Misguided War on Test Optional

Akil Bello argues defenders of test requirements attack student choice and institutional priority setting.

The letters "AI" in white against a blue background.

First Do No Harm

Jamie Paris asks if international students are being racially profiled when it comes to AI-related academic misconduct.

Aerial view of a student sitting at a desk next to a staff member with paperwork in front of them.

The Learning Room: Building Trust in One-on-One Student Appointments

Effective campus support—academic or otherwise—involves the student trusting the staff member, the staff member trusting the student and the student having self-trust.

Three masked students attend a protest: two wear kaffiyehs. The student in the middle holds a sign that reads "Ceasefire Now!"

How Higher Ed Is Really Failing Students on Gaza and Israel

Clarissa Mansfield writes that the academic and media preoccupation with pro-Palestinian slogans misses the bigger picture.

A female professor addresses a group of students in a small seminar.

A Cure for Humanities Deficiency Syndrome

To help save the humanities, consider one-credit “co-labs” attached to STEM courses, Rachel Wheeler writes.