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A standardized test answer sheet with bubbles filled in. A pencil and a small circular clock sit atop the sheet.

What to Make of Dartmouth?

Jim Jump considers Dartmouth’s decision to reinstate standardized testing “in context.”

The book cover for Derek Bok's Attacking the Elites.

Can Higher Ed Avoid a Dire Future?

David Wippman and Glenn Altschuler review Derek Bok’s Attacking the Elites.

The typed words "Union Power" sit, collage-style, atop a pile of $100 bills.

Pro-Union Is Pro-Student

Improving working conditions for non-tenure-track faculty is what’s best for students, Anna Harrison writes.

Rear view of businessman standing on red puzzle pieces and drawing business graffiti on brick wall, with the words Teamwork and Idea visible.

Focusing on Personality Type and Interests to Support Student Success

Career coach Marta Koonz offers an overview of the use of assessments in guiding academic and career choices, including group and individual models for helping students maximize the results.

A magnifying glass above the word "sociology."

Sociology: Practically Constitutional!

Florida’s move to marginalize sociology is shortsighted, Jerry A. Jacobs writes.

A graphic of a hand holding up a bullhorn emitting an empty white speech bubble, against a black background.

The Presidential Voice

Leaders need to reset expectations around how and when they comment on world events, Suzanne M. Rivera writes.

A graduation cap with the words "Financial Aid" sits atop a pile of $100 bills.

There’s a Better Way to Apply for Student Aid

The new FAFSA’s troubled rollout raises questions about both the form and process, Jim Blew and Art Hauptman write.

A frontal view of the U.S. Supreme Court building, with its eight columns.

Before the Court

The Supreme Court looms large in this spring’s university press releases, Scott McLemee writes.