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Tenure Denial Lawsuit Against New College Moves Forward

A circuit court judge has rejected requests by the New College of Florida Board of Trustees and the State University...

New Law Requires California State U to Improve Sexual Harassment Policies

California governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation Monday that requires the California State University system to establish clear policies for investigating...
A screenshot of a meeting showing Mark Hagerott, chancellor of the North Dakota University System.

A Decade-Long State Chancellorship Is Ending. Board Members Won’t Say Why.

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education met behind closed doors before voting unanimously to end Mark Hagerott’s time as chancellor. But he’s getting an extended, well-paid exit.

Deadline for Idaho-Phoenix Deal Extended

The University of Idaho is buying more time to finalize its planned acquisition of the for-profit online juggernaut University of...

Embattled Rutgers Board Member Removed by Judge

Embattled Rutgers University Board of Governors member William Tambussi has been removed by a judge’s order less than two weeks...
An illustration of multiple featureless black faces with red tape over where their mouths would be.

A Dean Called for Silencing Harvard’s Faculty Critics. He’s Been Roasted.

Lawrence D. Bobo’s argument that professors should face sanctions for inciting “external actors” to “intervene” at the university has been roundly lambasted. But it tapped into an ongoing debate: When is outside intervention warranted?

An aerial view of Lawrence, Kansas, and the University of Kansas campus

Kansas Colleges Remodel Gen Ed Requirements for Fall ’24

Colleges and universities in the state must align their course catalogs with new statewide requirements this fall, with the goal of promoting upward transfer for community college learners.

A black and white picture of University of the Arts overlaid with the phrase "...failing to provide students with critical information."

University of the Arts Closure Remains Shrouded in Mystery

The institution’s sudden shutdown has prompted its accreditor to step in and help guide students—and inspired legislation on college financial transparency.