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Representative Jason Smith, a white main with brown hair and a beard

House Republicans Advance 2 Contested Antisemitism Bills

While backers say the proposals will help protect students from discrimination, Democrats and higher ed advocates say they’re aimed at punishing elite universities and international students.

Group of diverse college student friends laughing and chatting sitting on the grass on campus

Report: What Matters to International Students in Their College Experience

Career preparation and social integration are key elements to international student success, according to a June study.

U.S. May Owe Money to Students It Recruited to Sham University

A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday cleared the way for students recruited to a sham university set up by U.S...
 A group of twenty or so protesters gathered in a doorway. In the left bottom corner of the frame some protesters hold an unfurled Palestinian flag. One speaker in front carries a bullhorn, while another appears to be shouting into a microphone. Police officers wearing helmets and face shields are standing in the background.

Collateral Consequences

In responding to student protests, universities should take immigration consequences into account, Alexandra Dufresne writes.

A drawing depicting a passport and an F-1 student visa; the latter document is stamped, in red, with the word “Rejected.”

Student Visa Denials Threaten U.S. Competitiveness

College leaders should focus immigration lobbying efforts on state lawmakers, in addition to federal ones, Samba Dieng writes.

Canada and Australia Lose Allure for International Students

In a survey, they deemed the United States, with the looming possibility of a second Trump presidency, a more reliable education prospect than its anglophone rivals.

A magnifying glass inspects a college application over a silhouette of a man with a backpack and a map of the world

Gaming the Student Visa System

As international recruitment markets shift to South Asia, some colleges are swamped with fake applications and last-minute transfers. Is the system too easy to exploit?

The flags of China and India, unfurled next to one another.

The ‘Fourth Wave’ of International Student Mobility

COVID effects, shifts from China to India, protectionist policies, and growing attention to employability and retention are all factors that will likely impact international student recruitment over the next decade, Ragh Singh writes.