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Number of Enrolled International Students Drops

"Open Doors" survey finds declines in total numbers of enrolled international students in 2018-19 and continuing declines in new enrollments, though the latter declines are less sharp than in prior two years.

The Loan Landscape for International Students

An industry emerges to issue loans to international students. Interest rates are high, but the companies say they are filling an unmet need and expanding access.

Fewer Chinese Students at Many Campuses

After an unprecedented boom in Chinese undergraduate enrollments, universities see declines.

‘Hope Is the Thing With Feathers’

A Palestinian refugee student who was initially denied entry to the U.S. to attend Harvard University came here with the help of the Hope Fund. The program is helping more than 50 Palestinian students attend U.S. colleges this year.

The ‘Public Charge’ Rule and Higher Ed

Trump administration says new regulation will ensure that immigrants are self-sufficient, but higher ed groups are concerned about impacts on legal immigrants and international students.

Recruiting in the Western Hemisphere

Speakers at EducationUSA conference discuss recruitment within a diverse hemisphere.

A Welcome Message, or a Warning?

A State Department official says Chinese students are welcome. She also speaks of Chinese propaganda and influence activities on U.S. campuses, and of academic espionage.

To Be Test Optional or Not to Be, for International Students

As more colleges make submission of SAT or ACT scores optional, the decision on whether to require scores from international applicants can raise a different set of issues.