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Women's hand typing on smartphone

Positive Partnership: Students Provide Mental Health Support for the Community

A virtual practicum opportunity for social work students helps them gain field experience while providing in-demand crisis help to those in need.

Illustration showing business employees looking happy with their work.

3 Ways for Colleges to Prepare Students for Meaningful Work

Higher ed institutions must teach students how to find meaning and value in their work and in their lives, writes student success administrator Tim Morenz.

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Career Prep Tip: Make On-Campus Jobs Visible

Colleges and universities host student employment fairs to help learners get plugged into on-campus work opportunities, building their professional skills and helping them fund their education.

Young coworkers walking down corporate hallway

Success Program Launch: Experiential Learning for First-Gen, Undocumented Learners

Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago guides students through career exploration and development in weekly pre-internship experiences.

An older professional walks alongside a younger intern through the office

Career Prep Tip: Creating Meaningful Job-Shadow Experiences

Short-term on-the-job experiences can promote career exploration among students and help them determine paths after graduation.

A student in business attire smiles while shaking a woman's hand.

Listen: How Colleges Are Making Career Development an Undercurrent of Education

The latest Voices of Student Success episode explores how career integration can boost students’ outcomes, addressing concerns about the return on investment in higher education.

A student works with an instructor on a machine

Positive Partnership: Short Programs Meet Workforce Needs

Leaders at Clackamas Community College built three- to six-month programs to respond to local workforce needs and provide learners with stackable credits for future learning.

The 2023 cohort of New York City Bloomberg Arts Internship students watch a presentation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Scaling Up: Expanding Paid Internship Roles in the Arts

An internship pipeline for rising high school seniors will launch a pilot this summer to support current college students.