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A white-clothed table labeled Villanova University ASCE (for American Society of Civil Engineers) is set up for an event.

Career Prep Tip: Host an Industry-Specific Career Fair

Villanova University now offers engineering-specific recruitment opportunities, responding to industry trends and helping students develop deeper relationships with professionals before graduating.

A group of students and alumni from Emory University smile for a photo in Los Angeles

Career Prep Tip: Organize a Career Trek

A career exploration trip can help students identify their career goals and connect them with a professional network, setting them up for postgraduate success.

Two young employees working together in grocery store.

Career Prep Tip: Helping Students See the Value in Summer Work

Research from a professor and staff member from the University of Pittsburgh shows an opportunity to help students connect how their work experiences provide them with professional skills.

Former LaGuardia students gathered at an alumni event

Success Program Launch: LaGuardia Community College Is Linking President’s Society Alumni

A new alumni network for those who have been through a student leadership program connects business leaders to students and each other, inspiring giving to the institution as well.  

A young person holds a pen and paper while talking with an older person, smiling.

Career Prep Tip: Incorporate Career Interviews Into a First-Year Seminar

As part of a larger career-readiness curriculum, students at Polk State College complete an interview with someone in their desired career field to learn more about the job and if it aligns with their interests.

Mature businessman mentors younger colleague working on laptop at desk

Success Program Launch: Support Pathway for Completion, Career Launch

A partnership between the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the Arkansas Center for Data Sciences helps address computer science and cybersecurity workforce needs in the state.

Outdoor shot of Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management.

Funding Student Success: The Business of Mental Health

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management is promoting student mental health and the mental health of future teams with the donor-funded Nass Mental Health Initiative.

A sticker on the door to an office is in the foreground, with two people talking around a desk in the background. The sticker is white, with a yellow crest and the words "Career Champion" printed in black

Success Program Launch: Creating Career Champions on Campus

Virginia Commonwealth University offers practical training to faculty and staff on how to incorporate career readiness into their work with students.