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Hands type on a laptop keyboard while search icons and the letters "AI" emerge over the keyboard (stock photo with conceptual elements)

Survey: How AI Is Impacting Students’ Career Choices

The rise of artificial intelligence is influencing what many students want to study and pursue as a career, according to a new flash survey from Student Voice. Students also say they want to be prepared for AI and the workplace.

Vibrant full-length shot of diverse group of students studying together at table in college lab

Career Prep Tip: Specialized Programming for Neurodiverse Students

As the number of college students with disabilities grows, more institutions are investing in individualized programs and initiatives to support their career development and workforce readiness.

A supervisor trains a new hire on a computer. Both women are wearing headsets and professional clothing.

Program Innovation: Increasing and Improving On-Campus Work Experiences

University leaders at Binghamton University look to improve student career readiness by creating new and enhancing existing on-campus work opportunities.

Students walk on Quinnipiac University's campus on a sunny day.

New on the Job: Kafui Kouakou, AVP of Career Development and Experiential Learning

The inaugural role at Quinnipiac University prioritizes hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom to promote career readiness for students.

A young redheaded woman in professional attire shakes hands with a man whose back is turned to the camera (photo).

Survey: Students Want Career Prep in the Curriculum

In new Student Voice data, two- and four-year college respondents say they want a high level of faculty and adviser involvement in their career preparation as they rank their priorities for experiential learning.

An older Black man, wearing a purple suit, measures a younger Black man's shoulders in a suit fitting.

Positive Partnership: Custom Suits for M.B.A. Students

Texas Christian University partners with a luxury suit vendor to provide personalized professional wear for graduate students in need.

People walk quickly (their faces and bodies blurred due to motion) inside an office.

Boosting Engagement With Career Services: Students Weigh In

Student Voice survey respondents share six career center actions they say would make them likelier to use career services.

Man in suit stands in front of a painted city skyline

Painting a Picture of More Student-Centric Career Services

Better serving students in career preparation requires a strong understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, plus creative ideas for making career-focused events enticing and boosting utilization of available supports. Cross-campus discussion of three key questions can help.