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Beyond Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

The reviewer’s duty today: not to boost or judge or provoke, but to interpret, educate and elucidate.

A screenshot of the Columbia Law Review’s website as of Wednesday evening.

‘Unprecedented Steps’: Board Pulls Plug on Columbia Law Review Website

After student editors published a submitted article Monday accusing Israel of genocide, the journal’s Board of Directors took the whole site down. One editor describes how it happened.

Editors of ‘Philosophy & Public Affairs’ Journal Resign En Masse

Thirty-eight editors of Philosophy & Public Affairs, a Wiley-owned journal, announced their resignations en masse Wednesday, including the entire editorial...

A ‘Universities on Fire’–Inspired Reading List

A list of books and reviews on climate change and higher education.

A picture of the book jacket and head shots of the two authors

‘Lawsuits Will Happen’

The authors of a new book argue that higher education institutions must adapt to the shifting legal landscape without losing sight of their fundamental values.

A photo illustration of silhouettes of men transposed over snippets of anonymous complaints against scholars and diversity, equity and inclusion officials.

Black Scholars Face Anonymous Accusations in Anti-DEI Crusade

Since right-wing firebrand Christopher Rufo helped bring down Harvard’s president, at least seven more scholars—most of them Black—have confronted accusations of plagiarism or research misconduct spread by conservative media.

Millions of Scholarly Articles Are Not Being Archived: Report

More than two million scholarly articles are not being properly archived according to a new analysis. A study published in...