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A blue book cover with the words "Graduate Debt Free" in white lettering

Breaking Free From the ‘Student Loan Matrix’

A self-taught student loan researcher argues that a series of assumptions about college are ensnaring students in a debt trap—and he offers a way out.

A man wearing a lab coat and a gloves holds up a paper covered in words and graphs but blocked by the word "rejected" in red.

Worries of Harm Lead to Scientific Censorship

The authors of a new paper make recommendations for reducing scientific censorship by improving transparency in the publication of academic research.

Kids and Sci-Fi Books: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Emily Midkiff, assistant professor of teaching, leadership and professional practice at the University of...
A building at Gettysburg College is shown on the left. On the right, three issues of The Gettysburg Review are highlighted in red.

Gettysburg College Shutters Acclaimed Literary Journal

Administrators say The Gettysburg Review does not fit the college’s new curriculum, which focuses on student experiences. Staff—and former interns—disagree.

A book cover with the title "On the Basis of Race: How Higher Education Navigates Affirmative Action Policies" in black text

A Blueprint to Resist Ban on Race-Conscious Admissions

A Western Michigan political science professor argues that colleges and universities can comply with the Supreme Court ruling and still pursue racial diversity.

A picture of the book jacket beside a smiling photo of the author, Brian Rosenberg, a light-skinned man with white hair and a beard wearing glasses and a suit and tie

Higher Education as Its Own Worst Enemy

In a wide-ranging discussion about his new book, Brian Rosenberg explains how shared governance, tenure and other practices stifle change on college campuses.

Michael Smith's Abundant University

Embracing Technology to Advance Equity

A Carnegie Mellon professor argues that higher education needs to embrace technology to help break down barriers to entry for students.