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Irena Smith’s The Golden Ticket: A Life in College Admission Essays (SheWritesPress)

A College Counselor’s Insightful Memoir

A Russian émigré turned college counselor discusses the role of education in the immigrant experience, how AI might change college admissions and how she pushes students to think about who they really are.
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3,514 Special Issues a Year?

Open-access Swiss publisher raises eyebrows by massively expanding publication schedule.

‘Black and Queer on Campus’

Author discusses his new book about students who face multiple forms of discrimination.

The Myth of Education as Equalizer

A professor argues that the main purpose of higher education is not simply to prepare students for the workforce but to help solve society’s ills.

Building Up Books

New guidelines aim to make peer review more inclusive while also acknowledging the stresses on the peer-review process, Andrew Berzanskis, Jane Bunker and Rebecca Colesworthy write.

A Studied Ignorance

Scott McLemee reviews Peter Burke’s Ignorance: A Global History.

Vermont State University’s ‘All-Digital’ Library Fiasco

A merged institution born out of financial strain seeks to balance cost with quality, while also reaching more rural residents. But its botched announcement led to an outcry, an apology and a no-confidence vote.

Evergreen With Envy

Scott McLemee reviews Robert A. Schneider’s The Return of Resentment: The Rise and Decline and Rise Again of a Political Emotion.