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A picture of the book jacket and head shots of the two authors

‘Lawsuits Will Happen’

The authors of a new book argue that higher education institutions must adapt to the shifting legal landscape without losing sight of their fundamental values.

A photo illustration of silhouettes of men transposed over snippets of anonymous complaints against scholars and diversity, equity and inclusion officials.

Black Scholars Face Anonymous Accusations in Anti-DEI Crusade

Since right-wing firebrand Christopher Rufo helped bring down Harvard’s president, at least seven more scholars—most of them Black—have confronted accusations of plagiarism or research misconduct spread by conservative media.

Millions of Scholarly Articles Are Not Being Archived: Report

More than two million scholarly articles are not being properly archived according to a new analysis. A study published in...
A picture of the book cover next to a picture of the author.

The Joys of ‘Leading From the Margins’

Hollins University president Mary Hinton discusses her new book, about how her identity as a Black woman from the rural South shaped her approach to college leadership.

An image of the book jacket beside a picture of the author, Nicholas Dirks, a light-skinned man with gray hair and glasses

‘A Roller-Coaster Ride From Start to Finish’

Former Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks discusses his forthright new book, which recounts a tumultuous career in higher education on both coasts.

A smiling woman with gray hair and black glasses holding a large cup of tea

Professor’s Salty Suggestion Triggers Tempest in a Teapot

Her recommendation to put salt in tea spurs outraged British headlines, a U.S. Embassy statement and a flood of attention for Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.

A photo illustration combining photos of Claudine Gay, Christopher Rufo and Bill Ackman.

How Many Casualties Would a Plagiarism War Produce?

If conservatives and liberals start scouring their opponents’ academic publications for stolen ideas or phrases, nobody—even plagiarism experts—knows how much grist they will find. 

A blue book cover with the words "Graduate Debt Free" in white lettering

Breaking Free From the ‘Student Loan Matrix’

A self-taught student loan researcher argues that a series of assumptions about college are ensnaring students in a debt trap—and he offers a way out.