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Poll: One-Third of Americans Support Biden’s Debt-Relief Policies

Less than a third of U.S. adults approve of President Biden’s handling of student loan debt, and only 36 percent...
Headshots of Bobby Scott and Virginia Foxx combined in one image

A Potential Path Forward for Pell Grant Expansion

Proponents of controversial legislation to expand the Pell Grant to short-term workforce training programs want to attach it to a defense bill that Congress must pass. A House committee will determine whether the gambit works.

House Education Committee Threatens to Subpoena Northwestern

Representative Virginia Foxx, the North Carolina Republican who chairs the House Education and Workforce Committee, says she’s prepared to subpoena...
Illustration showing a group of students sitting down and a few are shaded orange

Colleges in Republicans’ Crosshairs Enroll Only a Sliver of U.S. College Students

About one percent of U.S. undergraduates attend the 12 selective, mostly private institutions under Congressional scrutiny. But conservatives cast them as emblematic of higher education writ large.

Judge: States’ Lawsuit Challenging SAVE Can Proceed

Three states can proceed with a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s new income-driven repayment plan for student loan borrowers known...

Fears Mount Over Detention of Academics Who Traveled to China

Several Chinese academics working overseas have disappeared or been detained on return to China as the country’s leaders expand national security laws.


Pandemic Lessons Unlearned

Why we need greater transparency, clarity, humility and accountability in public health messaging.

Louisiana governor Jeff Landry

Louisiana Governor Gains More Control Over College Boards

Critics fear that the bill Governor Landry signed could be an overstep that threatens public institutions’ accreditation status—and their ability to receive vital federal financial aid.