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A battered castle wall with the words “Legacy’s Last Stand” on it

Legacy’s ‘Last Stand’ in Connecticut

State lawmakers are considering a groundbreaking bill to ban legacy preferences at public and private colleges. Powerful institutions like Yale are fighting to stop it.

Governor Partially Protects DEI Funding for University of Wyoming

Wyoming is among the significant minority of states that, in one way or another, has opted to limit the funding...

‘Another Unforced Error’ in the FAFSA Fiasco

The Education Department acknowledged Friday that a calculation error led to inaccurate aid estimates for a sizable portion of student...

Alabama Governor Signs Bill Targeting DEI, ‘Divisive Concepts’

Despite protests from students on multiple campuses, Alabama’s governor signed into law Wednesday legislation that will, within public higher education...
Illustration showing Virginia Foxx and Bobby Scott side by side

House Panel Advances Anti-‘Political Litmus Test’ Bills

Democrats call the GOP-sponsored bills an unnecessary attempt to codify rights already protected by the First Amendment that could hinder antisemitism response.

Bill Seeks Funding Ban for Medical Schools With DEI Programs

A Republican congressman from North Carolina wants to prohibit federal funding, including student loans, for medical schools with diversity, equity...
Three white men in suits stand at a podium

No Surprises for Higher Ed in Spending Bill

The final federal spending package for the 2023–24 fiscal year, released Thursday, would provide mostly level funding for higher ed, with a small increase for Federal Student Aid.

A photograph of Florida governor Ron DeSantis holding up his hands and speaking into a microphone.

Florida Law Threatens to Defund, Disband Higher Ed Unions

Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation last year threatening to decertify unions if fewer than 60 percent of bargaining unit members paid dues. Faculty unions are threatened but not yet erased.