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Three Black students sit on a lawn smiling. Two high five each other.

California Bill Would Create ‘Black-Serving Institution’ Designation

Some lawmakers and higher ed leaders in California want a state-level designation highlighting colleges and universities serving Black students well.

Elise Stefanik holds up a white piece of paper with a red F in the middle.

Five Takeaways From the UCLA, Northwestern, Rutgers Antisemitism Hearing

Republicans sharply criticized Northwestern, but didn’t land any knock-out blows. UCLA avoided tough scrutiny. And this time, Democrats and faculty members went on the offensive.

A cell phone is in the center of the photo—on the screen is the circular blue logo for Faces Scrutiny Over Data Privacy Concerns

A Senate committee is investigating the Chinese-owned company.

A photo of Northwestern president Michael Schill and Rutgers president Jonathan Holloway.

Campus Leaders Stand Their Ground Before Congress

In previous hearings, presidents equivocated on moral questions or were accused of throwing faculty under the bus. This time, leaders pushed back against lawmakers.

A photo illustration comparing North Carolina’s proposed REACH Act with the University of North Carolina System’s new policy.

Lawmakers Sought to Mandate Class on Founding Documents. What Were Professors to Do?

Conservative groups are pushing civics requirements in higher education, not just K-12. In North Carolina, undergraduates now must study the founding documents. Will other states follow?

A photo illustration of the leaders of UCLA, Rutgers, and Northwestern set against a photo of the U.S. Capitol.

Who Are the Campus Leaders Headed to Capitol Hill?

Unlike their predecessors in the hot seat, the leaders set to face Congress today are all men who have been in the job for at least two years—and two head public institutions.

A photo of protesters at UCLA.

A Tale of Three Protests

An encampment at UCLA sparked violence, while Rutgers and Northwestern reached deals with protesters. Now the leaders of all three institutions must answer to Congress.

Photo illustration showing scenes of campus protests, police and Virginia Foxx, chair of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

College Leaders Testify on Capitol Hill

A House committee questioned the presidents of Northwestern and Rutgers universities and the chancellor of UCLA about their responses to campus antisemitism and student protests. Inside Higher Ed’s live coverage of the hearing is here.