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Colleges Anticipate Financial Repercussions of Transcript-Withholding Ban

While the federal ban on withholding most college transcripts, which goes into effect on July 1, is welcome news for...
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A Dean Called for Silencing Harvard’s Faculty Critics. He’s Been Roasted.

Lawrence D. Bobo’s argument that professors should face sanctions for inciting “external actors” to “intervene” at the university has been roundly lambasted. But it tapped into an ongoing debate: When is outside intervention warranted?

Photo illustration of the United States showing the 10 states where the new Title IX regs are currently blocked from taking effect.

Title IX Legal Challenges Target LGBTQ+ Protections

Judges have temporarily blocked the new Title IX regulations in 10 red states so far. Experts expect a long legal fight that could end at the Supreme Court.

Photo illustration of a student sitting at a desk in a classroom filling out a FAFSA form

FAFSA Fiasco Pushes States to Mandate Universal Completion

Some feared the bungled rollout of the new federal aid form would halt momentum for state completion requirements. It appears to be doing just the opposite.

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OCR Chides Lafayette College for Dismissing Anti-Israel Posts as ‘Free Speech Issue’

The latest Title VI resolution agreement sheds light on how colleges are being asked to handle complaints about online speech. First Amendment advocates are concerned about the implications. 

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‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ on FAFSA

After this year’s disastrous launch of the financial aid form, federal officials say next year’s version will be out on time and with fewer problems. College financial aid professionals are skeptical.

Joe Biden stands at a podium in front of bookshelves and a green sign that says Canceling Student Debt

Federal Judges Put Biden’s New Loan Repayment Plan on Hold

Two federal judges on Monday dealt different blows to the administration’s generous income-driven loan repayment plan. What does that mean for borrowers awaiting relief?

Arizona Governor Vetoes Attempt to Limit Faculty Governing Power

Arizona’s Democratic governor on Friday vetoed a bill that would have diminished faculty members’ role in the shared governance of...