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Colleges Predict Tuition Increases, Layoffs Under Proposed Overtime Rule

The Biden administration wants to dramatically expand employees’ eligibility for overtime. Supporters say that’s only fair. Institutions say it will cost them millions.

A picture of the Ohio statehouse overlaid with quotes from SB 83

A Higher Ed ‘Enhancement’ That Few Can Get Behind?

Proposed legislation that would ostensibly revamp Ohio’s public higher education system is so highly contested that observers doubt it will pass anytime soon, even after repeated modifications.

Virginia Foxx, a light-skinned woman with white hair wearing a red top under a black blazer, walks in a hallway.

Reforming Higher Education, One Bill at a Time

House Republicans want a long-overdue update to the Higher Education Act, but they favor a piecemeal approach, starting with how colleges report foreign gifts and contracts.

Nikki Haley, in a white suit, stands next to Ron DeSantis, who is wearing a dark suit and blue tie. Both are at podiums.

Republican Presidential Candidates Criticize Colleges’ Response to Israel-Hamas War

Republican presidential candidates threatened Wednesday evening to cut federal funding from colleges and universities and deport international students who are...
Front of the Department of Education building

Judge’s Order Complicates Education Department’s Borrower-Defense Program

For-profit DeVry University won’t have to pay nearly $24 million to the U.S.—for now—thanks to a court ruling that could hamper the department’s plans to make colleges that mislead their students pay up.

A photograph of the Kinsey Institute building.

Historic Kinsey Sex Research Institute May Face a Divorce

Faculty members are alarmed by an Indiana University proposal to spin off an unclear portion of the Kinsey Institute’s operations into a separate nonprofit.

NSF Fills New Role to Combat Sexual Assault, Harassment

The National Science Foundation has filled a new role leading its efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault or...
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Proposed Welfare Rule Change May Alter State Scholarship Funding Practices

Some states were using welfare program funds intended for low-income parents on scholarships or grants for middle- and high-income students without children.