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The white-columned facade of the U.S. Supreme Court

Management by Judiciary

Peter F. Lake writes that the higher ed regulatory environment is likely to become even more complex after the demise of Chevron.

The white-columned facade of the U.S. Supreme Court building

The Only Certainty Is Uncertainty

Get ready for chaos in a post-Chevron world, Jon Fansmith writes.

Illustration of a broken pencil writing policy

Supreme Court Decision Weakens Education Department

After the justices struck down a 40-year precedent last week, experts warn of chaos for higher education amid doubts about the future of Title IX and gainful employment, among other policies.

A black man with a beard wearing a suit stands in front of the Supreme Court building

Affirmative Action Ban’s Impact Is a ‘Black Box’

Bryan Cook wants to study how the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling is affecting diversity in higher ed. It’s proven more difficult than he bargained for.

The University of Utah's campus

DEI Ban Prompts Utah Colleges to Close Cultural Centers, Too

As in Florida, Texas and other states that have passed anti-DEI legislation, Utah’s public institutions are applying the law with a broad brush.

A screenshot of a meeting showing Mark Hagerott, chancellor of the North Dakota University System.

A Decade-Long State Chancellorship Is Ending. Board Members Won’t Say Why.

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education met behind closed doors before voting unanimously to end Mark Hagerott’s time as chancellor. But he’s getting an extended, well-paid exit.

A photo of the interior of the U.S. Supreme Court chambers, showing a curved table with nine chairs in front of a set of five long red curtains hanging between four white columns.

The End of Chevron Deference

Neal H. Hutchens writes that the Supreme Court’s decision will have significant ramifications for federal higher education policy.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Higher Ed Has Questions for Biden and Trump

As the president and former president face off in their first debate, we asked some of the sharpest minds in academe: What would you ask if CNN handed you the microphone? We got an earful.