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Two London street signs point toward government buildings

New Ministers a ‘Signal of Intent’ on Tackling U.K. Sector Issues

Heavy hitters joining key higher education ministries in the U.K. raise hopes that the new government can get a handle on issues quickly.

Representative Jason Smith, a white main with brown hair and a beard

House Republicans Advance 2 Contested Antisemitism Bills

While backers say the proposals will help protect students from discrimination, Democrats and higher ed advocates say they’re aimed at punishing elite universities and international students.

Group of diverse college student friends laughing and chatting sitting on the grass on campus

Report: What Matters to International Students in Their College Experience

Career preparation and social integration are key elements to international student success, according to a June study.

Sudan’s Civil War, A New Haven for Al Qaeda: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute, a Student Spotlight: Sara Harmouch, doctoral candidate in justice, law and criminology at American University...

Scholars Blast NYU Abu Dhabi ‘Crackdown’ on Palestinian Support

University officials say students and staff are not “immune” from local laws, but academics say the institution should do more to protect learners.

U.S. May Owe Money to Students It Recruited to Sham University

A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday cleared the way for students recruited to a sham university set up by U.S...

British Academics Despair as ChatGPT-Written Essays Swamp Grading Season

‘It’s not a machine for cheating; it’s a machine for producing crap,’ says one professor infuriated by the rise of bland essays.

Chinese Media Turns Stanford AI Plagiarism Into ‘Propaganda’

An AI model released by two Stanford students sparked controversy in China for its similarities to a model developed by scientists at Tsinghua University.