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Ukraine Will Inspect Huge Spike in Enrollments by Draft-Age Students

College applications climbed by almost 2,000 percent in 2022, the year of the Russian invasion. Most students chose low-cost courses with minimal entrance requirements.

A sign reads “Suspend Pitzer Haifa” in capital letters with a picture of a watermelon and a heart.

Pitzer Drops Study Abroad in Israel. Will Others Follow?

Student activists say the decision was an ideological move long in the making. College officials say an academic boycott had nothing to do with it.

Learning Behind Bars: The Shifting Fortunes of Prison Education

While U.S. prison-reform advocates celebrate reversal of a 30-year ban on incarcerated students accessing Pell Grants, counterparts in England and Wales say government inaction has stalled progress.

Student Chatbot Use ‘Could Be Increasing Loneliness’

Study finds students who rely on ChatGPT for academic tasks feel socially supported by artificial intelligence at the expense of their real-life relationships.

Canada Signals Leeway on International Student-Visa Caps

With Trudeau government emphasizing visa limits tied to applications and housing availability, more established institutions gain some reassurance.

Charity Watchdog Tells Oxford Colleges to Modernize Governance

The move, following a four-year battle at one college to oust a dean and the mishandling of an alleged rape of a student at another college, is provoking internal controversy, a source claims.

U.K. Science Secretary Pays Damages to Professor Over Extremism Claims

The professor says the science secretary “made a cheap political point at my expense and caused serious damage to my reputation.”

A chalk country map of China, colored in red with yellow stars to match the Chinese flag, drawn on a blackboard.

It’s Time to Restore U.S. Study Abroad to China

The U.S. should restore Fulbright exchanges in China and encourage students to study there, Zhiqun Zhu writes.