Amid protests outside and shouting indoors, white supremacist Richard Spencer gave his talk at the University of Florida.
Penn grad student says she’s under fire on campus and off for using a teaching technique that involves specifically calling on students from underrepresented groups.
U.S. trade commission accuses Victory Media of letting colleges pay for inclusion in “matchmaker” tool, materials targeting military service members.
In his new book, George Anders makes the case -- in part with data often used against the liberal arts -- for what he calls the “surprising power” of such an education.
Vigil at Department of Education seeks to support victims of sexual assault on campus and protest changes to federal Title IX policies by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.


In a letter to trustees, Rachel Toor explains why a university should take its students out of harm’s way.

Career Advice

Z Nicolazzo has created a syllabus geared toward promoting the continuing work being done regarding trans* populations in higher education.
The fact that sexual and intimate partner violence is found in lesbian and gay relationships proves that there is more to the phenomenon than cisgender, heterosexual men victimizing cisgender, heterosexual women, argues Sarah A. Stephens.
Combine students' affinity for text messaging with some good, old-fashioned creative thinking and you can solve almost any communication challenge.


Confessions of a Community College Dean

October 19, 2017
California's plan for a year of free community college.  


October 19, 2017
Being productive by setting limits and paying attention to your fidgeting.

Technology and Learning

October 19, 2017
Is it possible that the Tesla for higher ed can can come from within higher ed?

Library Babel Fish

October 19, 2017
What is the future of truth and misinformation online? Pew asks the experts.

Student Affairs and Technology

October 19, 2017
UK higher education needs a unified front

Just Visiting

October 17, 2017
Someday, the bell will toll for all faculty. There's only one way to prevent it and it doesn't involve adjuncts quitting en masse.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

October 17, 2017
Challenges and opportunities when marketing expenditures across the institution are decentralized

University of Venus

October 16, 2017
UVenus responds to recent protests against racial inequality. 

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