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Cal State Northridge professor says university is targeting him for his stance against gay adoption. But his students question why he's encouraged an English class to attend an event on family issues at the Reagan Library.
Tennessee Promise drives dramatic increases in freshman enrollments at the state's two-year institutions.
Responding to concerns of black students, U of Kentucky will shroud a fresco on the state's history.
Author discusses book offering a critical analysis of massive open online courses from a social science perspective.


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Humanities scholars conduct their research in an arena that is flexible, efficient and cost-effective, and they should be funded accordingly, writes Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt.

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Joseph Barber provides advice for avoiding them in your CV, résumé or interview answers.


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Mama PhD

November 24, 2015
Many issues to consider.

Library Babel Fish

November 23, 2015
We have less funding for the things that really matter while paying much more to compensate for austerity policies.

Technology and Learning

November 23, 2015
The Fiction, Sociology, and Science of Societal Collapse.

Just Visiting

November 22, 2015
We should criticize student protesters when they make mistakes, but, as always, it's complicated.


November 22, 2015
Strategies for using songs to get students engaged with a new language

The Education of Oronte Churm

November 22, 2015
A visit to the author's home.

The World View

November 22, 2015
Nearly one million (974,926) international students are studying in the U.S., an increase of 10% over last year, and 304.467 American students are going abroad. But some perspective on these data is required.  
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