Momentum Building for Pell Grant Expansion

Informal negotiations over how to expand the Pell Grant to job-training programs have begun but lawmakers face uphill challenge in getting a bill through Congress.

Housing Migrants in College Dorms?

As asylum seekers arrive in the U.S., some legislators think college residence halls could provide a temporary housing solution. Most colleges say they don’t have room.

Success Program Launch: Developing a Second Core Curriculum

Administrators at Thomas More University reorganized its core curriculum design for students to follow a nine-credit concentration as a second major, minor or interdisciplinary coursework.

Student Wellness Tip: Reaching Men With Mental Health Challenges

The director of counseling services at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers three strategies for combating male students’ negative ideas around mental health support.

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Students Are Less Engaged; Stop Blaming COVID

As “digitally evolved knowledge workers,” our students engage differently than the generations before them; as educators, we need to adapt, Jenny Darroch writes.

‘Every Brain Needs Music’

Scott McLemee considers music and the neurons that love it.

‘Laboratories of Affordability’

States are experimenting with a variety of financial aid programs to help adult learners, and we can learn a lot from what they’re trying, Rachel Hirsch writes.


Tales of a Lecturer and Director, Part 2: Power Tools Are Power

No job is really part-time; just the pay is part-time. How can one be everything to everyone and move through the ranks of academia?

Playing the Fool

A review of Fool Proof by Tess Wilkinson-Ryan.

Final Exam for Surveillance and Privacy

How would you answer it?

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Building Pathways to the Presidency for Women

Pamela L. Eddy explores the combination of factors that must be considered to remove the obstacles.

Initiating New Campus Leaders

A new dean must work to understand the programs they’ll lead, but those they supervise should reach out to help educate them as well, write Steve Baule, Ray Martinez, Joel Traver and Rhea Walker.

Helping Faculty Increase Their Research Impact

Publicly sharing research with future readers and collaborators can significantly increase publication and presentation opportunities, writes Christine Tulley.


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