More Than 100 Students Arrested at Columbia

Turmoil grips campus in the wake of President Shafik’s grilling by Congress over alleged antisemitism.

New Data Consortium Wants Colleges to ‘Own’ Their AI Future

American Council on Education will lead global effort to pool data on tens of millions of students to improve learner success and collaborate on AI tools.

How a Row Over Med School Admissions Thwarted Korea’s President

Analysts suggest Pres. Yoon Suk-yeol’s handling of a dispute over the issue contributed to his unpopularity ahead of his party’s electoral defeat.

Student Wellness Tip: Incentivizing Students to Say ‘Hello!’

Drury University leaders created a month-long game to encourage students, faculty and staff to greet each other on campus, building students’ soft skills and breaking barriers to social interaction.

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Knowing Our Fast-Changing Ocean

Scott McLemee reviews Tessa Hill and Eric Simons’s At Every Depth: Our Growing Knowledge of the Changing Oceans.

California Should Create a New ‘New College’

In condemning Republican assaults on higher ed, we should ask too what Democrats are doing to defend it, Paul Hansen writes.


Making Progress Against ChatGPT

It can be hard to see progress, but I have tangible (anecdotal) evidence.

Teaching for Tomorrow’s Employment Landscape

Preparing undergraduates for the jobs of the future.

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Helping Faculty Members Cultivate Joy in Writing

Academics internalize that we must “publish or perish,” but that message creates fear, loathing and pressure, write Deborah J. Cohan and Barbara J. Risman.

No More Job Postings

After Letitia Henville heard many grad students say they didn’t apply for positions she knew they qualified for, she took a new approach to the hiring process.


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