President of Trinity Washington takes on Kellyanne Conway, Trump aide who is an alumna and a donor. To Patricia McGuire, the issue isn't politics, but truth.
Study suggests university presses are publishing fewer books in the humanities. Experts say the publishing industry is facing more significant changes.
Administration's draft list of programs to eliminate includes the national service program, which has provided $2.4 billion in student aid, as well as humanities and arts endowments.
Tuition rose faster than state appropriations fell, and federal aid helped make that possible, study asserts. does headline overstate? should we add "(Alone)" or something, so we're not making it seem like Cato is saying state disinvestment plays no role? dl***Good point. Added "Alone." -RS
University drops logo opposed by many students because it featured university without a capital U.


Current technology offers unfettered access to good information and good scholarship, but standing in the way is the U.S. copyright law, argues Bryn Geffert.

Career Advice

Contrary to popular and judgmental opinion, your doctoral experience is some of the best real-world working experience you can get, writes Briana Mohan.


Confessions of a Community College Dean

February 19, 2017
The best answer yet to the question: Why do students choose for-profit colleges?

Technology and Learning

February 19, 2017
What we can learn from this SEC filing about edtech communications.

The Education of Oronte Churm

February 19, 2017
Turns out the Plains are cold in winter.

Library Babel Fish

February 19, 2017
From Truthiness to #DayofFacts

Just Visiting

February 17, 2017
What if tenure is now more impediment than benefit for meeting our goals?


February 16, 2017
It's okay not to want to work on something.

Mama PhD

February 16, 2017
Looking for trends that were more than a craze.

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