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Former Phi Theta Kappa members accuse the community college honors society's leader of discrimination and sexual harassment, provoking an investigation and concerned letters from two college presidents.
Education Department releases most of the names of colleges that have had access to federal student aid curtailed over concerns about financial viability, administrative capacity or other issues.
San Francisco State bars use of university funds to travel to Indiana. Connecticut governor bars all public colleges (and other state agencies) from using state funds to do so. Do these moves raise academic freedom issues?
After years of having one of the most highly subsidized athletics departments, a universitywide panel at Rutgers pushes reforms that would end contributions from student fees and the university.
County attorney seeks injunction to block closure and to replace president and board, charging that they have violated several laws.
Justice Department says Southeastern Oklahoma State discriminated against a professor on the basis of gender identity.


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The Obama administration’s proposed system could substitute federal officials’ judgment of institutional quality for peer review by academics, Judith Eaton argues.

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Cynthia Wu didn't experience the angst many report, at least not about her own career. But she finds herself thinking about the responsibility of a former adjunct to those who aren't yet on the tenure track.


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The World View

March 30, 2015
Moving in the wrong direction.  

Law, Policy -- and IT?

March 30, 2015
Google watchers have had a lot to look at lately.

Higher Ed Beta

March 30, 2015
Faculty networks for course innovation (Part I).

University of Venus

March 30, 2015
Tenure and choices.


March 30, 2015
The real cost of grad school

Just Visiting

March 29, 2015
There's money in them there behaviors.

Technology and Learning

March 29, 2015
The power of social media to polarize.

Mama PhD

March 29, 2015
Should "taking the high road" be required?

Provost Prose

March 29, 2015
I was talking with a friend of mine who is a long term highly regarded faculty member. This person has stood the test of time for decades: an excellent teacher who is also a published scholar and is always willing to serve his department and his school.

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