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Wheaton of Illinois and professor it tried to fire over her statements about God reach deal under which she will leave.
Two new studies suggest many colleges may be too quick to write off low-income students and community college transfers. Money and extra support change the equation, at least for some.
Highest official at Mount St. Mary's of Maryland who opposed president's plan to cull students loses his job. Appointee as interim provost received no-confidence vote at another institution.
Margaret McKenna will stay on as president, but only until start of 2017-18 year. In interview, she discusses what happened. Board chair who pushed to oust her is out in May.
Cases of meningitis at three universities have sickened four students -- three in a single outbreak -- and led to death of one employee.
Goucher says students admitted on the basis of a short film did better academically than those who applied in traditional ways. But is sample large enough to be meaningful?


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There's an easy answer to the question of whether students should pursue liberal arts or more vocational majors, argues Matthew Sigelman, and it will allow liberal arts graduates to virtually double their current employability.

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Talking about our professional problems to a point where our peers and colleagues may perceive us as pessimistic can be damaging not just to our mental health but also to our career prospects, writes Thomas Magaldi.


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Confessions of a Community College Dean

February 7, 2016
It's time to challenge snobbery-based assumptions.  

Technology and Learning

February 7, 2016
Why every postsecondary leader should read this book.


February 7, 2016
Fighting the stigma associated with stepping away from graduate school.


February 5, 2016
What are the implications for universities, and their governing boards/trustees/councils, of becoming increasingly embedded in global networks?

Mama PhD

February 4, 2016
Groundhogs and snow.
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