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Connecticut State U professors say proposals for their new union contract, including the transfer of tenured faculty members to another university and expanding the grounds for dismissing tenured professors, read like an attack on their rights.
Lynn University will issue a semester's worth of college credits for Lynn students who complete a 16-week program at General Assembly, a nonaccredited skills boot camp. Will other colleges follow?
Sacramento State finds no wrongdoing by professor who was accused of insulting a Native American student, nor by the student who challenged what the professor said about genocide.
California appeals court -- rejecting lawsuit by student who was attacked by another student -- finds public institutions have no legal obligation to prevent violent acts on their campuses.
In New York City, the health department and colleges are partnering to promote a birth control device as a way of encouraging students to graduate.
The family of a black Harvard graduate who committed suicide creates an organization in his honor that seeks to "improve the support for the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color."
Having a long-term research collaborator boosts citations, study finds.


Whether using the term "trigger warning" or not, professors should give students a heads-up about potentially traumatic content in the classroom, Julie Winterich writes.

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Determining your needs, choosing the right person and setting realistic goals are the keys to success, according to Susan L. Phillips and Susan T. Dennison.


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