New guidelines from textbook publisher Pearson aim to dismantle systemic racism in higher ed. Do they go far enough?
Proposed changes to the state aid program would make older students eligible for awards and loosen high school grade requirements.
The testing organization says the switch in admissions policies was "abrupt rather than deliberate" but that the policies are here to stay.
A new report from the Center for Postsecondary Research at Indiana University found that Black undergraduates trust college leaders significantly less than their white peers, and that the pandemic caused a slight drop in trust in administrators among all students.
Military takes action against its critics at universities. Scholars have been detained. Student was killed.


Scott McLemee reviews Averting Catastrophe: Decision Theory for COVID-19, Climate Change, and Potential Disasters of All Kinds, by Cass R. Sunstein.

Career Advice

Steven Michels offers some suggestions for how best to respond when you find yourself as an employee on the wrong side of the sale.
A variety of virtual experiences are key for students to discover institutions today. Join Columbia College Chicago’s Derek Brinkley and Hobsons for a webinar on March 4th as they share best practices that drive meaningful results.


Online: Trending Now

February 26, 2021
University faculty members are discovering that students are using the internet to cheat on exams. Online sites sell test questions, answer keys, term papers and other assessments to students. There is a cure for this.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

February 26, 2021
Get the measures right, or we'll get the incentives wrong.

Higher Ed Gamma

February 25, 2021
How should higher education respond to systemic inequities?

Just Visiting

February 25, 2021
Some problems can be solved without technological fixes.

Tackling Transfer

February 25, 2021
At UD Sinclair Academy, bridging the transfer gap between University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College goes beyond the traditional articulation agreement, clearing roadblocks that stop too many talented, ambitious students from achieving their goals.

The Key Podcast

 In this episode, find out about the increase in academic violations, what’s causing it, and how university officials are and should be responding to it. 

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