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Survey of community college leaders reveals skepticism on implementing a national free tuition plan. Presidents support relatively new initiatives such as structured pathways and stackable credentials.
Education Department turns up heat on for-profits with job-placement-rate scrutiny, three months before gainful-employment rules kick in. But lack of federal standards for placement rates causes confusion.
U of Akron cuts the price of certain general education classes by 86 percent, and boasts that they will be less expensive than those at community colleges. But two-year institutions disagree, and professors say effort is penny-wise and pound-foolish.
Ohio budget bill proposes a ban on full-time-faculty unions at public institutions where professors do nearly anything beyond teaching and research.
An investigative report found that about a third of the workers who constructed New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus were not covered under publicly articulated labor protections.


As community college leaders gather for their annual meeting, Wick Sloane asks them to advocate more aggressively for their needy (and often hungry) students.

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Venkat Viswanathan was intrigued by the prospect of creating and teaching a massive open online course. As it begins, he offers other instructors his lessons learned -- with encouragement and caution.


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The Education of Oronte Churm

April 17, 2015
When squatters can finally feel like residents.

Just Visiting

April 17, 2015
David Brooks wants to lead us back to more moral lives, yet he refuses to grapple with reality.


April 16, 2015
An essay on being wooed into grad school.

College Ready Writing

April 16, 2015
What we can't see, because we we are too invested in a dominant narrative.

Library Babel Fish

April 16, 2015
Yes, librarians do have conferences.

Mama PhD

April 16, 2015
Rooting for the home team(s).

Law, Policy -- and IT?

April 16, 2015
Why the European Union's action matters to American higher ed.  

Confessions of a Community College Dean

April 16, 2015
Explaining structural racism.  

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