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College leaders have gotten speedier and more severe in taking action against students linked to racist incidents. Critics fear due process is being eroded.
Apart from cases such as Oral Roberts U.'s smartwatch pilot, experiments with the "internet of things" are still years away at most colleges and universities -- but questions about privacy and cheating remain.
Massachusetts faculty union fights to enforce a contract cap on part-time faculty, while other adjunct advocates see little value in such efforts.
The number of students refusing to repay the loans they took out to attend a for-profit college swells to 100 -- and meeting with U.S. officials gives them a boost.


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A figure in the pantheon of cinema -- and a gourmand extraordinaire. Scott McLemee reviews a new study of the great director's body of work.

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To win tenure, you should constantly write and constantly seek feedback, without worrying too much if some of the feedback is negative, write Kenneth Womack and Nichola D. Gutgold.


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March 31, 2015
Advice on co-authoring a paper with a professor.


March 31, 2015
As a Cal alum, it pains me to say this, but some of those Stanford people are pretty smart.

Technology and Learning

March 31, 2015
Some things that I’m learning.

Higher Ed Beta

March 31, 2015
Course-level innovation (Part II).

College Ready Writing

March 31, 2015
On finding out that I can be happy doing other things. It might be analogous to something...

The World View

March 30, 2015
Moving in the wrong direction.  

Law, Policy -- and IT?

March 30, 2015
Google watchers have had a lot to look at lately.

University of Venus

March 30, 2015
Tenure and choices.

Just Visiting

March 29, 2015
There's money in them there behaviors.

Mama PhD

March 29, 2015
Should "taking the high road" be required?

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