Faculty, Programs and Enrollment

A pricey mini campus promises students a maskless, safe spring term. Some see it as a paradise, others a prison, but experts agree that no environment is pandemic-proof.
A large survey of students who lived on or near campus among peers during the fall semester showed that they had positive learning and social experiences, even if all of their classes were online.
More than a third of prospective college students are reconsidering higher education. And 43 percent of prospective students for one- and two-year programs are looking to delay enrollment, survey finds.

Teaching and Learning

Author discusses his new book to promote more effective teaching in colleges and universities.  
The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has put nearly all schools, colleges, and universities on unsteady ground. Faced with a “new normal,” the education industry is adjusting to a different campus environment.


Athletics can be a productive environment to engage white students, coaches and others in ways that help them become more aware of privilege and institutional racism, writes Joshua Meyer.

Career Advice

Graduate students should be prepared to identify and deal with them now more than ever, argues David Mihalyfy.
Here's what your faculty and administrators really want in 2021 and how you can be their advocate and make change happen.


Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

December 3, 2020
The virtual 2020 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education underscored higher ed marketers are drowning in a sea of sameness. A select few are breaking through.

University of Venus

December 3, 2020
There may not be classes, but the campus is still open, and so the staff are expected to be at work.  

Higher Ed Gamma

December 3, 2020
How to ensure that institutions improve instructional quality and effectiveness and enhance equity and academic and postgraduation outcomes.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

December 3, 2020
A reminder of a basic truth.

Conversations on Diversity

December 2, 2020
How we conduct ourselves and do our work matters.

Online: Trending Now

December 2, 2020
As we prepare to launch another semester mostly online, we are better informed than we were in the spring and fall semesters. From experiences with rapidly applied pedagogies to better understanding of how our students’ radically altered lives impact their learning, we must adapt.

Just Visiting

November 30, 2020
Surveillance technology is destroying the relationships between instructors and students, and the tech companies are consolidating power. Resist.
Babson College has no shortage of alumni successes to share. The trick is sharing them with prospective students at scale. Read how Babson successfully engaged alumni with meaningful opportunities to give back while supporting student engagement.

The Key Podcast

Many colleges and universities wrapped up their fall terms before Thanksgiving. We spoke with officials from two institutions -- Paul Quinn College and the University of Notre Dame -- about their efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of students this fall.

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