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Mount St. Mary's fires two faculty members. One was tenured professor charged with lack of loyalty. The other advised student newspaper that recently exposed president's quotes about "drowning bunnies."
U of Phoenix's new owners could be looking to make major changes as the for-profit eyes transition to being a privately held company.
A new study asserts that increased student aid, not faculty salaries or state cutbacks, drives prices higher.
The 13th and final annual report on online education enrollments by the Babson Group shows how much the market has grown since 2002 -- and how little it has changed.
A new team at the Education Department will investigate and punish colleges that mislead students or otherwise violate federal laws.


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To avoid mediocrity, governing boards should never be quite satisfied with their performance, write Cathy Trower and Peter Eckel.

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Talking about our professional problems to a point where our peers and colleagues may perceive us as pessimistic can be damaging not just to our mental health but also to our career prospects, writes Thomas Magaldi.


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Technology and Learning

February 9, 2016
Why do we choose to work in higher ed?


February 9, 2016
Strategies for prioritizing well-being during grad school.

Law, Policy -- and IT?

February 9, 2016
The FCC, security monitoring, suit against Google.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

February 9, 2016
A new educational environment.  

University of Venus

February 9, 2016
My Journey from English Professor to Tech CEO

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

February 9, 2016
Rachel Reuben shares strategies to evaluate new social channels.

The World View

February 8, 2016
There are some who insist that the university is constantly in a state of crisis, aggravated perhaps by political crisis.  I do not agree. 
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