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New study says scholarly articles that are hard to read don't actually make the author sound smarter, and they get cited less. Authors hope their findings will encourage graduate programs to teach students how to write clearly.
A Boston College student organization is accusing administrators of using public gathering policies to restrict their free speech and prevent them from criticizing the institution.
Community colleges in Arizona can now offer four-year programs, providing more affordable and streamlined pathways to bachelor's degrees.

Religious Colleges

The Baptist women’s college had only 12 new students committed to attend in the fall.
Norway spends 1 percent of GDP on research, but Poland just 0.16 percent.
Learn about Iowa State’s interdisciplinary approach to developing big ideas, facilitating conversations, and promoting execution. Innovate at Iowa State is a mindset and a worldview for those who want to think—and act—beyond the traditional boundaries of education.


Scott McLemee reviews fall 2021 books on human origins and development.
Unfortunately, to date we've seen a lot of talk but far less action when it comes to righting past wrongs and healing our nation's wounds, argues Stephen M. Gavazzi.

Career Advice

More than a year into pandemic teaching, faculty members have become experts at building an online community for our students, writes A.J. Sell, but have we done the same for ourselves?


Confessions of a Community College Dean

May 7, 2021
Declining birth rates, college anxiety and cannibals afoot.

Tackling Transfer

May 6, 2021
Proposals for massive boosts in federal aid for students won't address an underlying problem: most financial aid money isn't mobile, and transfer students struggle to qualify for and find it.

Online: Trending Now

May 5, 2021
The Antikythera mechanism is an astounding device dating to antiquity. It has been hailed as the first mechanical computer, but more precisely it is an educational device.
The new generation of learners expects high-quality online options. Ensure your platform meets their needs.

The Key Podcast

This week’s episode explores the potential -- and the potential pitfalls -- of changing the main federal student grant program to cover enrollment in short-term training programs.

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