It will review decision finding Harvard’s admissions practices to be legal and another that upheld UNC Chapel Hill’s practices.

Academic Freedom, Faculty

Judge mostly sides with University of Florida faculty members in a free speech case that cast doubt on UF’s political independence from Tallahassee.
As more colleges embrace the practice for a few years—or permanently—the debate is changing.
The Biden administration has taken steps to make the U.S. more attractive to international talent, including expanding eligibility for some foreign STEM students to participate in a popular postgraduation work program.
A new survey of nearly 5,000 students at historically Black colleges and universities found that they faced food shortages and unstable housing and experienced homelessness during 2019–20.
A new survey finds increased interest in peer mental health counseling. Experts say it can help alleviate overburdened campus services, but they stress the importance of proper training.


It’s a wonder college leaders even attempt to sleep these days, but the most obvious crises aren’t what fuel my worst nightmares, writes Mary Dana Hinton.

Career Advice

The start of the new year can be a good time for grad students to take steps toward managing their energy and navigating the stressors they’re confronting, writes Andrew Crain.


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January 24, 2022
Are there responsible ways to psychoanalyze a culture?

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January 24, 2022
A concise metaphor for a common problem.

Leadership in Higher Education

January 23, 2022
What Biden's defeats mean for higher education.

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January 20, 2022
Sometimes you have to let the despair in to find some hope on the other side.


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