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U.S. government declines to identify dozens of institutions whose federal funding it has restricted because of concerns about their risk to students and taxpayers.
Customized domain names mean institutions are registering web addresses they will likely never use. Meanwhile, Ph.D. holders may not be allowed to use the domain that best suits them.
Study reveals nearly half of 4-year college graduates have attended a 2-year institution within 10 years of their college career.
Ohio State University faculty members object to a proposed new intellectual property policy they say is too vague and appears to be too broad.  
In impoverished part of Rio, struggles to get a branch campus that the government pledged to build there.


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Audrey Watters and Sara Goldrick-Rab challenge Kevin Carey's The End of College.

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The thrill of being hired for a tenure-track job can easily be replaced by feeling all alone in a new town, far from your loved ones. Kerry Ann Rockquemore helps you evaluate your options.


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Technology and Learning

March 26, 2015
Watters and Goldrick-Rab’s review of The End of College.

Mama PhD

March 26, 2015
Important lessons.  

Getting to Green

March 26, 2015
Two car ads, two visions of reality.

University of Venus

March 25, 2015
Report from Canada: Developing the workforce or developing better citizens?

Just Visiting

March 25, 2015
Students ask me for advice on what they need to succeed in the writing world. This is what I tell them.

College Ready Writing

March 25, 2015
Not teaching, and thus not grading, this semester has left me some space to think about the most important part of the learning process. 

Library Babel Fish

March 24, 2015
From "al the news fit to print" to the news that Facebook thinks you should read. 

Higher Ed Beta

March 24, 2015
An experiment and the results.  

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