Blackface photos, tweets about lynching, swastikas and slurs roil campuses. Students rally against those incidents, which experts say aren't new but are finally getting attention. National anthem protests spread.
U of Vermont's College of Medicine announces it will get rid of lecture courses and completely reshape the faculty role -- a first for a traditional medical school.
The film Goat depicts fraternity hazing at its most brutal, raising hopes that there could be cultural shift away from making light of the behavior. 
The debate over the use of 'all lives matter' plays out in a public forum as NACAC conference closes.
American colleges and universities can't count on ever-increasing numbers of international students, panelists warn.
Admissions group calls on colleges to require recruiting agents to disclose their financial ties to those they are seeking to recruit.


Three major experiences shape student motivation to stay in college and graduate, writes Vincent Tinto.

Career Advice

Is it acceptable to be our “authentic selves” in a job search? Paula Di Rita Wishart gives some advice.


Just Visiting

September 25, 2016
There's good reasons why C students in intro courses are less likely to graduate.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

September 25, 2016
An opportunity for community colleges.  

The World View

September 25, 2016
The South African higher education sector has been in paralysis for a while and now engulfed in student protests.


September 22, 2016
Steps you can take this week, this month, and this year.

Student Affairs and Technology

September 22, 2016
Welcoming students and scholars from around the world

Law, Policy -- and IT?

September 22, 2016
The Yahoo breach.  

Mama PhD

September 22, 2016
Report from a swing state.

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