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In just a few years, the push to allow concealed weapons on campuses has shifted from a long shot in a few states to a movement that's gaining steam in many parts of the country, including two of the most populous states.
The Education Department plans to release list of colleges whose federal aid is restricted because of concerns they pose risks to students and taxpayers. In recent years most on list have been for-profit colleges. 
Northeastern U. unveils it latest branch campus -- a network of hubs hosted by companies in Silicon Valley. Future expansions may see the university going abroad.
An investigation at the University of Oklahoma reveals that members of its Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter learned the racist song they sang during the fraternity's national leadership conference.
Gains are larger at public institutions.
As it releases its second annual ranking, the European Union's U-Multirank project continues to face challenges, but many see value in the effort to revise the way rankings are done.


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Concern about the arts could dilute an important national effort focused appropriately on science and technology, writes Gary S. May.

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Cynthia Wu didn't experience the angst many report, at least not about her own career. But she finds herself thinking about the responsibility of a former adjunct to those who aren't yet on the tenure track.


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The real cost of grad school

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March 29, 2015
The public right to know.

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There's money in them there behaviors.

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The power of social media to polarize.

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Should "taking the high road" be required?

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March 29, 2015
I was talking with a friend of mine who is a long term highly regarded faculty member. This person has stood the test of time for decades: an excellent teacher who is also a published scholar and is always willing to serve his department and his school.

Getting to Green

March 26, 2015
Two car ads, two visions of reality.

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