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How high is too high a discount to offer students? Nearly 10 percent of colleges have rates of 60 percent or more. For some it appears to be a sign of distress, yet others see a strategy.
Study finds notable drop in proportion of recent high school graduates from bottom 20 percent of family incomes who are enrolling in college.
After a controversial humor magazine was denounced by University of California at San Diego administrators, the student government voted to stop funding all student media.
Jamienne Studley, the No. 2 higher ed official at the Education Department, will leave this month after a frenetic two and a half years.
Southern New Hampshire U's College for America releases a promising early snapshot of the general-education learning and skills of students who are enrolled in a new form of competency-based education.
Faculty and student leaders alike criticize leader of Minnesota's Rochester Community and Technical College over issues of spending, hiring and communication.


How Would You Like to Pay? explores the anthropology of the expanding new world of smartphone wallets and other forms of mobile payments, writes Scott McLemee.

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Having just completed the process, Ramon B. Goings shares what he wished he'd known when he started.


Confessions of a Community College Dean

November 24, 2015
Much to be thankful for.  

Technology and Learning

November 24, 2015
Batteries, Bandwidth, and Mobile Micropayments

Mama PhD

November 24, 2015
Many issues to consider.

Library Babel Fish

November 23, 2015
We have less funding for the things that really matter while paying much more to compensate for austerity policies.

Just Visiting

November 22, 2015
We should criticize student protesters when they make mistakes, but, as always, it's complicated.
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