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Even if they could cheat without being penalized, most students will take an honest stab at homework questions, study finds.
Recent presidential turnover is one issue hanging over the college.
Texas Tech and Indiana U at Bloomington have developed programs that encourage female faculty members to find more time to publish their research.
College -- with a vice president playing a key role -- awarded thousands in financial aid based on athletic criteria, violating Division III's core principle. Such violations seem to be spreading.


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Jerry A. Jacobs examines the allegations of cheating that have created concerns about the excessive reliance on journal impact scores for tenure decisions and other matters.

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From my own point of visibility, I am able to allow others to feel seen, to feel they are not alone, to feel their struggles and experiences are valid and recognized, writes Eric Anthony Grollman.


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Confessions of a Community College Dean

July 1, 2016
A reality check from students.  

Library Babel Fish

June 30, 2016
What’s really behind the angst around standards and frameworks? 

Student Affairs and Technology

June 30, 2016
UK universities needed now more than ever

Mama PhD

June 30, 2016
A championship.  

Just Visiting

June 29, 2016
The question I was asked over my summer vacation.


June 29, 2016
In teaching ethics, what works and what’s just wishful thinking?

The Education of Oronte Churm

June 28, 2016
Maybe he should have been named Dissertation.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

June 28, 2016
Paul Redfern shares three tips to create a more meaningful annual report.

The World View

June 27, 2016
Every year the Office of Teaching and Learning handed out awards with substantial monetary awards to excellent teachers and innovative programs. Getting nominated was a big deal.

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