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UPDATE: Some see a courageous decision by a board that searched hard for alternatives. Others are dubious. Many wonder which other colleges are vulnerable.
In the first ruling following an N.L.R.B. shift, board director finds that Seattle U.'s Catholic status does not preclude adjunct collective bargaining.
The New York Times announces a new education initiative, almost three years after it shut down its last major effort.
Study reveals minimum SAT requirements that push students toward the two-year sector may hinder their success at earning four-year degrees.
An “extraordinarily” detailed analysis of student-level data in Virginia shows low-income students were hit hardest as public colleges and universities raised tuition during Great Recession.


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The age of print is giving way to the digital age... right? Scott McLemee looks into a scholar’s alternative perspective.
The decision to close Sweet Briar does not negate the continued need for women's colleges, or their ability to thrive, writes Nancy Gray.

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Eszter Hargittai shares tips, realizing that academics can't isolate themselves from people, some of whom will be sneezing and coughing.


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March 3, 2015
How to respond to students' requests for leniency.

Law, Policy -- and IT?

March 3, 2015
We need policy and enforcement.  

University of Venus

March 2, 2015
 Review of Laboring Positions.

The World View

March 2, 2015
If you follow rankings at all, you’ll likely have noticed a fair bit of recent activity going on in the Middle East, but there is a fundamental problem with trying to rank Arab universities. 

College Ready Writing

March 2, 2015
I'm taking another MOOC, and for my first blog assignment, I reflect on dropping out of another MOOC. 

Higher Ed Beta

March 2, 2015
Hybrid learning research: From constraints to networks.  

Provost Prose

March 1, 2015
Traveling during the heart of winter can be challenging. Weather can change travel plans in a heartbeat.

Mama PhD

March 1, 2015
Moving past pain.  

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