Disabilities services professionals want to get the word out about how students may be affected by long COVID. A new workbook offers tips for those helping these students navigate college while coping with the virus's lingering effects.
A new report outlines the challenges Black borrowers face with income-driven repayment plans, while another offers a solution -- all while the Department of Education is considering new possibilities for the plans.
Having a professor, adviser or other mentor can greatly help in navigating college and launching a career, but many students aren’t seeking out such relationships.
New research shows that gerrymandering dilutes the impact of student voters on large campuses -- especially at HBCUs. Voting rights groups are working to combat the practice.
Government will be authorized to investigate and obstruct “hostile information campaigns.”


Has the pandemic shown us how and why shared governance is fatally flawed? Timothy Kaufman-Osborn explores the answer to that question.

Career Advice

With tongue in cheek, Christina Wyman shares a campus leader’s plans for the year ahead -- and especially for this implicit bias module season.


Higher Ed Gamma

October 22, 2021
Are cognitive science and psycholinguistics better guides to writing than Strunk and White?

Confessions of a Community College Dean

October 22, 2021
Lessons of history, lessons of rivalry and lessons of babysitting.

Learning Innovation

October 21, 2021
Using transportation to think about the future of higher education.

Just Visiting

October 21, 2021
A follow-up to a previous attempt at advice.

Tackling Transfer

October 21, 2021
Unpacking the elements of a whole-of-higher-education approach to transfer.

Online: Trending Now

October 20, 2021
The web is constantly evolving. Emerging now is a more immersive 3-D environment that features augmented reality, virtual reality and persistent connections. It is called the metaverse, and it may transform online learning.


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