Latest DACA Ruling Leaves Students in Limbo

A federal district court judge ruled again that the program for young immigrants is illegal. Undocumented students and their supporters were unsurprised but dismayed by the decision.

Will ChatGPT Transform Research? It Already Has, Say Nobelists

Nobel-winning scientists are now using large language models, but experts say their impact on research is only just starting.

Survey: Inequities in Student Involvement

Student Voice data reveal disparities in who’s participating in campus life outside the classroom—and opportunities for closing these gaps.

4 Ways to Meet Student Parents’ Needs on Campus

A new report analyzes opportunities for colleges and universities to support students with children to help them overcome barriers to completion.

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True Criminology

Scott McLemee reviews Gregg Barak’s Criminology on Trump.

Student Housing at Sea

Higher ed has a student housing crisis, Ryan Craig writes.


Why Arts Education Matters

Vocationalism and the plight of the arts.

If ChatGPT Can Do It, It’s Not Worth Doing

Let’s be sensible about what this technology means.

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White Silence as Violence

White academics and administrators cannot abdicate responsibility for leading antiracism efforts in higher education, write Sydney Freeman Jr. and Wendy Bruun.

Reforming Research Productivity

The traditional ways of measuring it for tenure and promotion may seem too rooted to challenge, but faculty can start to bring about meaningful positive change, says Clark M. Peters.


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Student Voice: Health and Wellness

Students share their experiences with acute and chronic stress, mental health struggles and services, and campus wellness offerings.