Jury convicts former Penn State president on one count of child endangerment and finds him not guilty on a second count, and not guilty of conspiracy. UPDATE: Penn State says verdict reflects "profound failure of leadership."
Arizona State U, known for rejecting norms of traditional campuses, will invest more than $100 million in its library, seeking to serve on-campus and a growing online study body.
Berkeley is again in hot water for allegedly protecting the reputation of a prominent professor instead of acting on reports of harassment against him. The case this time involves John R. Searle, a noted philosopher of language.
Director of McGill Institute for the Study of Canada steps down after publishing column critical of Quebec, and many raise questions about academic freedom.
Indiana moves to focus on job training through nondegree programs.
The country has some strong universities, but many institutions struggle to serve impoverished students.


Should we intervene, a faculty member asks, when students automatically choose to join groups of their own race in the classroom?

Career Advice

Nondisclosure agreements in sexual assault cases are pervasive and pernicious, especially where student complaints against faculty or staff members are concerned, writes Sheila Liming.


Just Visiting

March 26, 2017
Elite institutions have a leadership jones, but they're not actually interested in leaders.

Technology and Learning

March 26, 2017
Why the new Master of Arts in Learning and Design at Georgetown is a big deal in the world of Teaching and Learning Centers.

Law, Policy -- and IT?

March 26, 2017
Current events add to the importance of the issues involved.  


March 24, 2017
Staying involved in what you care about, when you have very little time. 

Higher Ed Gamma

March 23, 2017
Fairy tales and truths in higher ed.

Mama PhD

March 23, 2017
Day Without Women.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

March 23, 2017
How to respectfully communicate differing viewpoints.

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