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Massachusetts Institute of Technology will explore stackable credentials and massive open online courses as an alternative path to earning a master's degree.
A professor emeritus at the U of Texas says he'll leave campus rather than give lectures to hundreds of students who could bring guns.
House Republicans question endowment spending and executive compensation in what may signal another round of federal scrutiny over tax benefits flowing to wealthiest universities.
Judge says Paul Smith's College didn't present compelling evidence that a name change was necessary -- even in return for a large gift.
Purdue expunges presentation on Edward Snowden because leaked information on three slides is still technically classified.
Members of the Association of Research Libraries pitch ideas about the future of the field during the "first inaugural 'hunchery.'" Holograms ensue.


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Educational institutions need a new accounting system to meet the demands of our information economy, Arthur Levine argues.

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Kerry Ann Rockquemore offers five ways to climb out from under piles of old and unopened messages.


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Technology and Learning

October 8, 2015
Do you also write emails that you never send?


October 8, 2015
Advice for navigating academic social events when you don't drink alcohol.

Library Babel Fish

October 8, 2015
You can make your work open access without sacrificing quality or prestige.

University of Venus

October 8, 2015
A battle to win.

Mama PhD

October 8, 2015
Learning about prices and options.

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

October 8, 2015
How can communications professionals mine high-quality content from our college communities?
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