Without mitigation strategies, one model projected about 75 COVID-19 deaths at Georgia Tech -- highlighting the stakes as students move back to a campus putting several such strategies in place.
North Carolina public university employees hope a lawsuit will make their governing board take seriously their coronavirus concerns.
Howard graduate Kamala Harris's selection as Joe Biden's running mate is being seen as groundbreaking not only for Blacks and women, but for historically Black colleges.

Books and Publishing

Initiatives to raise awareness of open educational resources are working -- with more faculty choosing OER over traditional textbooks, survey finds. Advocates say pandemic and recession are also driving interest.
Deepening digital engagement is increasingly important as we shape a new path forward in education together. Download the Connected Student Report for insights from over 1K students and staff and discover the top ways to cultivate a connected student community at scale.


As colleges and universities reopen, COVID-19 will collide with the pre-existing mental health crisis -- and we need to talk about it, argues Rebecca Harrison.
Stephanie Robertson challenges higher education to lead the way in ensuring mental health is an integral part of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Public Viewpoint

Looking for an In-Person Experience

Students are still in favor of an in-person fall, and many workers don't feel they can access the education they want.

Click here for the survey data Read Inside Higher Ed's analysis

Career Advice

Although many institutions are implementing hiring freezes, some people are still beginning new jobs during the pandemic, and Michelle Moyna offers advice for starting off on the right foot.
Recruitment is changing rapidly. To support the ever-changing needs of students and build a foundation for the future, The Student-Centric Recruitment Framework provides guiding practices for admission offices to keep students at the center of everything they do. Download now.


Learning Innovation

August 12, 2020
Some things we don’t know.

Just Visiting

August 12, 2020
A guest post from a graduate student group at the University of North Carolina argues that UNC is endangering its community and that white tenured faculty should strike to save lives.  

Online: Trending Now

August 12, 2020
As we prepare for the fall term, most colleges and universities are reacting to the evolving pandemic, responding to changing conditions. But who is creating a vision for the future?

Confessions of a Community College Dean

August 12, 2020
Whatever the rule is, write it down.

Higher Ed Gamma

August 11, 2020
How to make online learning version 2.0 better.

Student Affairs and Technology

August 10, 2020
Anonymous higher ed pros share their dissatisfaction with having to reopen

Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education

August 10, 2020
COVID-19 pandemic requires fresh thinking for fall "travel."
How the crisis is affecting eight learners and their education and work plans. Read the story.

The Key Podcast

Michael Yarbrough, an assistant professor of law and society at the City University of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and his students in a senior colloquium this spring documented the pandemic's impact on CUNY, students in the class and their families.

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