Article sparks new round of criticism of the costs associated with academic conferences.
Consumer advocates are concerned by the relatively large proportion of black women graduate students who attend for-profits.
Following 10-year jail sentence for Princeton Ph.D. student, scholars discuss the uncertainties of doing research in Iran.
New research seeks to give trustees financial evaluation tools, finding some small colleges spend well over 50 cents on administration for every $1 spent on instruction -- but some say the numbers don't tell the whole story.


We in higher education should set an example of professionalism and clean up our language, especially when it comes to the “queen mother of dirty words,” argues Brent Foster.

Career Advice

Retiring senior administrator Tom Rocklin lists the six key things he knows now that he would have liked to have known when just starting out.


Technology and Learning

July 24, 2017
Drawing parallels to one economist’s unorthodox view of e-commerce.

Just Visiting

July 24, 2017
What's up when students are silent?

Rethinking Research

July 24, 2017
Giving researchers the data skills they need to share, review, and validate each other’s work, writes Erin Becker. .  

University of Venus

July 23, 2017
The campus qualities that really matter.  

The World View

July 23, 2017
We are insufficiently motivated to pause and engage in slower, more rational thinking. Instead we seek immediate gratification, cognitive ease and simple explanations.

Law, Policy -- and IT?

July 23, 2017
When will we ever learn?  

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