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Tulsa Community College started offering free tuition eight years ago, helping to inspire Tennessee's program and, by extension, President Obama, while also boosting its degree production rates. 
Now that it plans to close, Sweet Briar officials have to decide what to do with $85 million -- but laws and economic realities limit their choices.
Congressional Democrats and consumer groups are pushing the Obama administration to use a little-known provision of federal law to relieve the federal loan debt of some Corinthian borrowers. 
Do you think most fully online students are enrolled at for-profit institutions? Read on.
Leah Griesmann, who came up with the idea for National Adjunct Walkout Day, isn't hiding her identity anymore. So what does she think about last week's protests, and about what's next for adjunct activism?
Government wants them classified as students, but they see many benefits to being considered employees.


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Jane Stancill reflects on what she valued about the college, the closure of which was announced this week, and why she left.

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Eszter Hargittai shares tips, realizing that academics can't isolate themselves from people, some of whom will be sneezing and coughing.


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Confessions of a Community College Dean

March 5, 2015
Including older students in a successful program.  


March 5, 2015
A survey of grad students' experiences with parental leave policies.

Technology and Learning

March 5, 2015
A guest post by Davidson’s Kristen Eshleman.

Library Babel Fish

March 5, 2015
Don't you just read books all day? You need a degree for that? 

University of Venus

March 4, 2015
Taking off and landing.

Law, Policy -- and IT?

March 3, 2015
We need policy and enforcement.  

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