California Community College Professors Sue Over DEI Rules

Several California Community College system professors are challenging new rules requiring employees be evaluated on their adoption of diversity, equity and inclusion principles.

Freeing Stranded Credits, Removing Barriers to Completion

Eight Ohio colleges took part in a trial program that forgave debts owed by students and allowed them to re-enroll. Transcripts of students who stick with the program will eventually be unlocked.

First-Gen Videos Welcome New Students to Higher Ed

To welcome incoming students and promote university resources, Saint Mary’s College in Indiana recruited first-generation learners to provide success tips in a five-part video series.

Positive Partnership: West Virginia Colleges Partner to Keep Recent Grads In-State

A new program created by West Virginia and Marshall Universities aims to support recent graduates in establishing remote work opportunities within the state.

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Our Transcripts Are Academic Rap Sheets—and We Can Do Better

Learning (not rigor) is what prepares students for life after graduation, and our teaching—and transcripts—should reflect that, Jane L. Lubischer writes.

In Our Own Backyards

The Supreme Court decision on race-conscious admissions was a wake-up call to embrace the full diversity of the talent pools in our cities and communities, Nancy Cantor writes.


Improv in the College Classroom

Take a chance and apply the playful techniques of improv with your students.

‘The Question’ for Making Important Decisions

In meetings, how much time should you spend making consequential decisions versus discussing various options before making a final decision?

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Is It Time for the 32-Hour Workweek?

Robert Roßbach, Kendra Sewall and Stefanie Robel explore why shorter work hours are, in fact, realistic for academic researchers and the advantages this approach can offer.

Big Ambitions, Small Teams

Roshni Rao explores the challenges of scaling career services to meet the needs of thousands of grad students with diverse backgrounds, disciplines and career aspirations.


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