Harvard’s Kennedy School plans to combine admissions and financial aid positions and to lay off those who hold the positions today. Some experts are dubious.
More public and private two-year and four-year colleges closed or merged between 2019-20 and 2020-21 than was true for for-profit institutions, a change from recent trends.
The expansion will allow more people to participate in prison education programs while the department prepares for across-the-board Pell Grant access for incarcerated students.
New report pushes for expanded federal role in regulating guns at higher education institutions, as many states have passed laws permitting campus carry.
From free speech and campus security approaches to Title IX regulation and COVID-19 mitigation, here’s what students say would help them feel safe and secure.
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Grounding in an accurate and complete American history -- of which race is a central component -- is the basis for a common understanding on which a democracy is built, Harvey J. Graff argues.

Career Advice

While requests for video job applications are now in the minority, it’s not hard to imagine that a generational shift toward them will increasingly occur, writes Joseph Barber.

The Key Podcast

This week’s episode explores a new plan to remake, rather than tweak, the complex web of policies and pathways by which learners move between colleges.

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