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Instructors with Asian-sounding last names receive lower ratings on Rate My Professors than others. Why?
Purdue told employees that days off for vacation, sick leave and other reasons would be combined in a streamlined program. Then employees did the math.
Academic at Rhodes College, who in the past has been criticized by right-wing American groups, is featured in magazine of the Islamic State as example of an apostate who should be killed.
Vote follows vocal protests and sets off more opposition. Head of poverty research center, one of the targets, announces that he has raised private money to continue work -- and dares board to try to stop him.
Senior officials see salary gains, with those at public institutions having slightly larger raises.
The Education Department plans to end its contract with Navient and four other companies that collect federal student loans for misleading struggling loan borrowers. 
The film originally claimed that the "presidents or chancellors of UNC, Harvard, Notre Dame, Florida State, Berkeley, Occidental and more than 35 other schools all declined to be interviewed." It's no longer making that claim.


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The life of the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh should inspire college presidents to speak out on tough issues, even at the risk of taking stands that will offend some, writes Karen Gross.

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In the second part of a series on the influence of MOOCs on faculty behavior, Marie Norman offers suggestions for how administrators can use the courses to encourage professors to teach online.


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University of Venus

March 2, 2015
 Review of Laboring Positions.

Technology and Learning

March 2, 2015
5 Questions for Ron Zwerin.

The World View

March 2, 2015
If you follow rankings at all, you’ll likely have noticed a fair bit of recent activity going on in the Middle East, but there is a fundamental problem with trying to rank Arab universities. 

College Ready Writing

March 2, 2015
I'm taking another MOOC, and for my first blog assignment, I reflect on dropping out of another MOOC. 

Higher Ed Beta

March 2, 2015
Hybrid learning research: From constraints to networks.  

Provost Prose

March 1, 2015
Traveling during the heart of winter can be challenging. Weather can change travel plans in a heartbeat.

Mama PhD

March 1, 2015
Moving past pain.  


February 27, 2015
How to deal with a grant application that doesn't get funded.

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