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Classroom Implications of AI Plagiarism and Fabrication

Conversations around AI in the classroom need to be more explicit about addressing the opaque nature of technologies such as Chat GPT.


The Benefits of Student Swapping

Without it, wealthy students would just enroll in the flagships in their home states, making no more room for low-income students.

A cartoon drawing depicts four people engaged in different extracurricular activities, ranging from sports, to music, to volunteering, to student media: one holds a soccer ball, one a guitar, one a cat and one a newspaper.

Reconsidering Extracurriculars in Admissions

To increase equity in admissions and reduce student stress, colleges should consider reducing the number of extracurricular activities applicants can list, Pearl Lo writes.

Anxious woman looks at two men interviewers with their backs to the viewer

The Invisible Burdens We Carry

Lauren Easterling explores how much one should share about their personal challenges in a job search and the workplace.

Out-of-State Tuition

An argument to repeal out-of-state tuition premiums.

Labor Shortages, the Housing Crisis and Higher Ed

How are these challenges playing out at your university?

Can Our Campuses Reinvent Themselves in the Face of New Realities?

The colleges and universities that serve the bulk of today’s students need to adapt to a rapidly shifting landscape or risk chronic decline.

Never Take Teaching Advice From an Administrator

Questioning a dean's essay on pedagogy and student learning.