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male hands typing on a laptop computer with several pads of paper on the side

STEM Trainees Must Master Writing Skills

Articulating discoveries, gaining funding and forging connections all require the ability to convey ideas, write Mabel Perez-Oquendo and Elizabeth O. Hileman.

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Faculty Mental Health Matters

Many of us have excelled professionally while privately coping with various diagnoses, afraid that revealing them will discredit us, writes Marta Elliott.

The book cover for Christopher Hamilton's "Rapture."

The Philosophy of Rapture

Scott McLemee reviews Christopher Hamilton’s Rapture.

The Walking Tour as Time Machine

Viewing Harlem at the nexus of geography, history, economics and politics, one step at a time.

Managerialism as a Threat to Academic Freedom

Those with the power are using it to silence others. This trend goes back further than you may think and isn’t ending soon.

Male professor and student sit together at a table working on a paper

Supporting Dissertation Writers Through the Silent Struggle

While we want Ph.D. students to be independent, our practices can signal that we’re not available to support them when they need it, writes Ramon B. Goings.

The West of the Imagination

The Western’s enduring impact on American national identity.

A graphic depicting a blue square featuring the words "LLM: Large Language Model" against a textured green background.

Generative AI and the Problem of (Dis)Trust

A year and a half into the generative “AI” moment, the ability to trust students may be the biggest casualty, Jacob Riyeff writes.