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Guest Post: Writing as a Tool for Teamwork

A reflection on how a team of writers makes for a better team.

Can You Be an Activist and a Serious Scholar?

How to be rigorous academically, while advancing the goals of social justice and equity.

A pile of multi-colored labels, each reading "HUMAN RIGHTS."

Building a Campus Culture of Human Rights

American colleges are failing to instill in students a respect for the fundamental values underlying human rights, Noam Schimmel writes.

Illustration of woman sitting hovering above desk looking distracted by numerous items including a phone and a clock floating above

What Happens When You Think Too Much?

How can you learn to settle down your runaway thoughts, Victoria McGovern asks, so you can focus on doing work you need to complete your graduate degree?

A collection of human cut-out paper figures of varying colors and genders placed flat against a blue background, illustrating the concept of diversity.

Transparency Is First Step Toward More Diversity in Leadership

Colleges should be required to report demographic data for presidents, provosts, deans, department chairs and trustees, Andrea Silbert writes.

The flags of China and India, unfurled next to one another.

The ‘Fourth Wave’ of International Student Mobility

COVID effects, shifts from China to India, protectionist policies, and growing attention to employability and retention are all factors that will likely impact international student recruitment over the next decade, Ragh Singh writes.