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Illustration of a man sitting at head of table surrounded by diverse board members

Getting the President-Board Relationship Right

It is one of any president’s most important tasks, write Julie A. Peterson and Laurie Fenlason, who offer 10 best practices.

A collection of book jackets for the books discussed in the accompanying review.

Politics and Beyond

Scott McLemee looks ahead to university press releases forthcoming this spring. 

Quit: The power of knowing when to walk away by Annie Duke

‘Quit’ Academia

Academic careers, graduate programs and the power of knowing when to walk away.

The War on College Campuses

The university’s role in a society at war with itself.

Hand holds up a book that serves as a bridge over a large gap between two rocks over which people carrying briefcases walk

Enhancing the Faculty Role in Student Career Readiness

Embedding career learning in the classroom is the most effective way to reach and expand opportunities to all students, write Karrin E. Wilks and Niesha Ziehmke.

A graphic depicting a passage from the model General Education Act that reads “As the faculty and teaching duties of the School of General Education increase in size, the university shall reduce faculty in divisions outside the School of General Education to a corresponding degree, through program discontinuance or substantial curtailment, as deemed necessary by the {governing board}.”

The Right-Wing Attack on Academia, With a Totalitarian Twist

New model legislation, ostensibly meant to overhaul general education, proposes a radical assault on faculty and academic freedom, John K. Wilson writes.

Young man with briefcase stands on a long white road that leads to the horizon, as if embarking on a journey

Navigating the First Years of a Ph.D. Program

If you’re about to enroll as a doctoral student or considering it, S. Mohsen Fatemi offers detailed advice on how to have the most positive experience.