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The word "conflict" spelled out in wooden blocks, with other wooden alphabet blocks strewed around.

Teaching Conflict, Not Violence

In teaching about the Middle East, a framework from the French psychologist Charles Rojzman can help engage students in conversations characterized by conflict, not violence, Pamela E. Barnett writes.

The top of a typewriter and a piece of paper with the typed word "WRITING."

Eliminate the Required First-Year Writing Course

Students no longer need a required first-year writing course if AI can write for them, Melissa Nicolas argues.

Photo of a light-skinned woman and a light-skinned man in academic regalia smiling while holding a diploma.

Some Good News on Campus Veterans

There is progress amid the discouraging developments about the state of veterans on campuses, Wick Sloane writes.

How to Avoid Getting Sued

Key legal issues that surround college teaching.

Man with briefcase stands before burned-out light bulb with new bright light bulb growing out of a crack in it

The Department Chair Triumvirate 

Vicki L. Baker shares case studies that shed light on new ways department chairs need to operate in terms of leadership, management and personnel.

Two people stand before a target with an arrow in the bull's-eye; one is holding paper and a light bulb while the other has gears next to his head

A Dream Team: Writing and Career Development Experts

These professionals should collaborate to support job seekers, offering distinct perspectives on composing cover letters and other key ways to communicate with employers, write Katie Homar and Kelly Rownd.

A group of four young Asian or Asian American women of diverse ethnicities standing in an academic building.

Making a Case for Race-Based Scholarships 

Race-based scholarships are a proven way to address systemic inequality, Noël Harmon writes.