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3 Questions for Coursera’s Cara O’Malley

Leveraging a liberal arts degree to break into ed tech.

Shot of woman from behind as she walks up staircase into the light of an open door

Advice for Aspiring and New Deans

Jenny Darroch offers five tips on how to start the search process, what questions to ask and, if you get the job, how to set yourself and the institution up for success.

The word "CENSORSHIP" in black against an ominous gray-black background.

There’s No Safety in Playing It Safe

Those of us teaching about race and racism can’t appease our would-be government censors with minor course modifications. Instead, we must push back, Cyndi Kernahan writes.

Generative AI: Your Assistant as an Administrator or Faculty Member

Generative AI is quickly becoming a daily fixture in the lives of administrators and faculty. It enhances productivity, creativity and perspectives.

The Culture War, Version 2.0

How today’s kulturkämpf differs from its late-20th-century predecessor.

Woman sits at a desk with a laptop looking at an instructor gesturing at a board

Adjunct Instructors Deserve Training

They are key contributors to student educational success, yet relatively few receive adequate professional development, write Anna Conway and Thomas J. Tobin.

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Students: Sign Your Own Name

If students want to issue a statement, they should sign with their own names, rather than those of their organizations, Ellen Cosgrove writes.

Phantoms of the Opera

Can the most spectacular of the arts survive? Yes, but only if it adapts to a shifting environment—precisely what higher ed must do.