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Calling B.S. on the AI Education Future

The “queen of the internet” is full of something…

Managerialism as a Threat to Academic Freedom

Those with the power are using it to silence others. This trend goes back further than you may think and isn’t ending soon.

Guest Post: AI Meets Academia—Navigating the New Terrain

James Bedford on how he’s using AI to help translate the ways of academia to students.

No, AI Should Not Be a Student’s Co-Pilot

Treating AI as a co-pilot is tempting, but in learning, the bigger temptation is for students to use it as a subcontractor, and that’s not good.

Rebuilding Trust in an Age of Scarcity

There is no such thing as “higher education” writ large anymore. It’s now about moving forward in an age of scarcity.

Teaching Writing in a Generative AI World: a Compendium

Collecting up my recent writings on a complex topic.

A Meaningless Education

18- to 25-year-olds are more anxious and depressed than their teen peers. We shouldn’t be surprised.