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USC Professor Barred From Campus After Exchange With Students

A tenured Jewish professor at the University of Southern California was barred from the campus and instructed to teach remotely...
Moorpark College Library with text overlayed on top of it

California Professor Charged in Jewish Protester’s Death

Prosecutors alleged that the community college instructor involuntarily contributed to the death at an off-campus protest. His lawyer challenges the official account.

Six witnesses and a full audience sit at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

House Democrats, Republicans Spar Over Antisemitism on Campus

In a wide-ranging discussion, lawmakers questioned witnesses about the source of antisemitism and the best way to support students facing hate on campus.

A sparkler in the shape of a Star of David, against a black background.

A Wake-Up Call for Jewish Faculty

Jewish faculty and staff need institutionally supported spaces for community, now more than ever, Marina Umaschi Bers writes.

Online Statements Threaten Cornell’s Jewish Students

A series of “horrendous, antisemitic messages” threatening violence to Jewish students at Cornell University were posted on an independent discussion...
A photo illustration of an Israeli flag merging into a Palestinian one, with red music notes between them.

‘From the River to the Sea’ Slogan Inflames Conference

Ethnomusicologists are dealing with the fallout from a presentation by Native American scholars that briefly used a controversial Palestinian phrase. 

A photo illustration of Michael Eisen's posts on X, including the one he says got him fired, and another from him announcing his own ouster. A snippet from the journal's statement saying he's being replaced is also included.

Editor Fired After Sharing ‘Onion’ Article on Israel, Hamas

A journal ousted its editor in chief, a Berkeley professor, after social media backlash over his criticism of Israel.

A stone building with a wooden door topped by a cross on Franciscan University of Steubenville's campus.

A Catholic University Welcome Mat for Jewish Students Feeling Embattled

As tensions over the Israel-Hamas conflict play out on college campuses, an Ohio university offers expedited transfers for students dealing with antisemitism.