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A photo illustration of the Israeli and Palestinian flags, separated by a crack between them.

Leaders of Sociology Group Resist Call for Ceasefire Resolution

Members of the American Sociological Association will now get a say, voting on whether to make their group the latest to call for an end to the war.

Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith America, stands in front of a podium facing a crowd of campus officials.

Pluralism Conference Draws Campus Leaders Amid Israel-Gaza War

The Washington, D.C. conference brought together university leaders eager for answers on promoting civil discourse amid ongoing student protests over the conflict.

UC Board Postpones Vote on Limiting Departmental Statements

The University of California’s Board of Regents on Wednesday postponed a planned vote on a policy that would prohibit academic...

UPenn Professors Sue to Stop House From Getting Antisemitism Documents

Two University of Pennsylvania professors and the Penn Faculty for Justice in Palestine group are suing the private institution, asking...
A group of students protesting. One holds a sign that reads, "stand with Gaza."

Jewish, Muslim Students Fear Their Views Put Them in Danger

A new report says Jewish and Muslim students fear “personal danger” related to their positions on the Israel-Hamas war and view controversial protest slogans differently.


Teaching Religion in the Secular University

The place of religion in the secular curriculum.

The sculpture "Witness," which shows a towering, golden female figure with a judicial collar and thick braids resembling ram horns.

U of Houston Cancels Art Event for Sculpture Deemed ‘Satanic’

Antiabortion groups say the sculpture being exhibited on campus has “satanic” imagery and reflects the artist’s stance on abortion rights.


How Presidents Could Take the Lead on Antisemitism

When students shout down a campus speaker, leaders should step up.