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A photo illustration with a photo of Columbia University's campus on the left and a photo of Professor Katherine Franke on the right. Over the photo of the campus is a quote from the complaint against Franke.

Columbia’s President Denounced Her Before Congress. Firing Could Be Next.

Law professor Katherine Franke has long been outspoken in her support of Palestinians. Now, after House Republicans and her university president called her out in an antisemitism hearing, she faces potential termination.

A chalkboard-like surface displays three of the Ten Commandments—"VI Thou shalt do no Murder, VII Thou shalt not commit Adultery, VIII Thou shalt not Steal."

Louisiana Wants the Ten Commandments in College Classrooms, Too

The culture war over religion in public education has mostly ensnared K-12 schools. A recently passed Louisiana law brings higher education into the mix.

Representative Jason Smith, a white main with brown hair and a beard

House Republicans Advance 2 Contested Antisemitism Bills

While backers say the proposals will help protect students from discrimination, Democrats and higher ed advocates say they’re aimed at punishing elite universities and international students.

A stack of four wooden blocks with the words “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” against an orange background.

The GOP’s Bad Faith Focus on Campus Antisemitism

The party’s assault on DEI only undermines the ability of colleges to address antisemitism, Jonathan Feingold writes.

A wallpaper pattern with light blue Stars of David against a darker blue background.

Toward Jewish Reconciliation on Campuses

Sharon Aschaiek writes that colleges will need to take steps to reconcile with their Jewish community members.

Students protesting at UCLA. One holds a Palestinian flag and one holds an Israeli flag.

Jewish Presidents Reflect on Navigating Campus Protests and Criticisms

As college leaders struggled to respond to protests over the Israel-Hamas war and concerns about campus antisemitism, Jewish presidents faced unique challenges. 


The Fraught Role of the Holocaust Museum

Memory in the face of a rising tide of hate, division and global conflict.

A screenshot of the Columbia Law Review’s website as of Wednesday evening.

‘Unprecedented Steps’: Board Pulls Plug on Columbia Law Review Website

After student editors published a submitted article Monday accusing Israel of genocide, the journal’s Board of Directors took the whole site down. One editor describes how it happened.