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Man looks up at what appears to be a big dream scene with a shining bright star

Creating the Job

Nana Lee offers advice on how to obtain a position based on your interest, values, skills and life situation, even if it doesn’t exist right now.

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Lead Without Shrinking

Too often, women must second-guess our well-earned authority, minimize our accomplishments or dim our light to make others comfortable, writes Roshni Rao.

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Realizing Resilience as a Graduate Student

Doing so leads to successful transitions throughout their career, as well as helps them cope more effectively with life in general, writes Rhonda Sutton.

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What Do You Need to Reach a New Career Stage?

It’s important to know the specific competencies required, write Jovana Milosavljevic Ardeljan, Mark Kaloko, Connor Ferguson and Tithi Basu Mallik.

Open book with lightbulb sitting upright in spine area with bright mortar board inside; it is surrounded by floating slightly ghostly images of books, upward graphs, and other icons of education and work

Transforming Doctoral Education for the Future of Work

Roshni Rao and Tyler Sluder describe how experiential learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and advanced technology can prepare Ph.D.s to thrive.

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A Joyful Career Option for Scholars

Foundation program officers offer insights on everything from where disciplines are going to how to fit a narrative to a grant opportunity, writes Victoria McGovern.

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Taking Charge of Your Job Search

Before applying to jobs, take stock of what you most need from work and use those needs as filters to determine the best positions for you, writes Annie Maxfield.

Crossroads where a group of figures in black all go down one path, while a lone figure in red goes down another

Letting Ourselves Dream About Our Careers

Life is short, so we should pursue a path that allows us to be fully ourselves, writes Lauren Easterling.