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How Best to Use AI in Job Searches

Ketan Marballi describes how to make the most of technology like ChatGPT and applicant tracking systems without losing your own voice in your application documents.

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The Need for Federal Support of STEM Training

Congress should fund professional development for grad students and postdocs to enhance our nation’s global competitiveness, and university administrators should advocate for such legislative appropriations, writes Adriana Bankston.

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What Happens When You Think Too Much?

How can you learn to settle down your runaway thoughts, Victoria McGovern asks, so you can focus on doing work you need to complete your graduate degree?

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A Dream Team: Writing and Career Development Experts

These professionals should collaborate to support job seekers, offering distinct perspectives on composing cover letters and other key ways to communicate with employers, write Katie Homar and Kelly Rownd.

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The Multiple Benefits of Career Coaches

They can help you articulate your career goals and develop a personalized road map for achieving work-life satisfaction, write Mabel Perez-Oquendo and Lindsey Cauthen.

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What’s Your Professional Hero’s Journey?

Linda Louie describes how to tell a great career story to potential employers and others in the midst of trying to make a pivot.

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Writing Retreats Through a Professional Development Lens

They can serve as sites for cultivating transferable skills that grad students and postdocs need to be successful in a variety of careers, writes Katie Homar.

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Expand Your Postdoc Possibilities

For students who are about to complete their Ph.D. and wondering whether to postdoc or not to postdoc, Brian J. Rybarczyk and Chris Smith highlight some helpful resources.