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A shiny silver human-like robot stands pointing at a green chalkboard, where "A.I." is written in white chalk.

Memo to Faculty: AI Is Not Your Friend

The time to resist is now, Scott Latham writes.

Chinese Media Turns Stanford AI Plagiarism Into ‘Propaganda’

An AI model released by two Stanford students sparked controversy in China for its similarities to a model developed by scientists at Tsinghua University.


No, AI Should Not Be a Student’s Co-Pilot

Treating AI as a co-pilot is tempting, but in learning, the bigger temptation is for students to use it as a subcontractor, and that’s not good.

A robot hand holds a digitized globe against an orange background.

Divided Over Digital Learning

A new report finds that students are much less likely than their professors to favor in-person instruction, but far more inclined to use (and pay for) generative AI.

A humanoid robot with the letters AI on its chest is caught in a spotlight as pieces of paper fly around

Coursera Launches AI Plagiarism Detector

Institutional interest prompted the creation of the new AI tools even as debate rages over AI verification.

The front gate of Barnard College. A brick building is in the background with a wrought iron fence in the front, which says "Barnard College of Columbia University"

Inside Barnard’s Pyramid Approach to AI Literacy

The New York institution’s unusual take on artificial intelligence could serve as a blueprint for others grappling with implementation. 

A large gray word “Hello” is on the left side of the screen. A cell phone is in the middle with a microphone icon that has “AI” on it. On the left side, numerous versions of the word “Hello” in different languages appear in orange

Lost in Translation? AI Adds Hope and Concern to Language Learning

Foreign language classes have seen declines for years. AI could hasten—or help—it. 

How and When Might the Great AI Job Replacement Take Place?

While there are isolated examples of wholesale layoffs among a few individual companies, the broad scale loss of jobs has not yet materialized.