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A photo illustration with a screenshot of Inside Higher Ed’s latest survey, surrounded by images of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, a dollar bill, someone holding a bullhorn, an image of a robot surrounded by chat bubbles, and people with varied skin colors putting their hands together.

Annual Provosts’ Survey Shows Need for AI Policies, Worries Over Campus Speech

Many institutions are not yet prepared to help their faculty members and students navigate artificial intelligence. That’s just one of multiple findings from Inside Higher Ed’s annual survey of chief academic officers.

A robot hand is placed over a brown Bible with a cross on the cover.

Religious Institutions Embrace AI as an Educational Tool

Despite widespread concerns about AI among secular and nonsecular institutions, religious colleges are treating generative AI as a tool for lessons that go beyond academics and also focus on the whole person.

Preparing for Our New AI Workforce in Higher Education

The rapid development of Generative AI has opened the possibility of far more efficient and cost-effective use of technology to assume roles currently performed by people.

Higher Education is Most Trusted Source to Handle AI

While the public remains cautious of artificial intelligence (AI), most trust higher education institutions to use AI responsibly, according to...
Robot hands fill out a sample college application

The (AI) Counselor Is in

AI-powered college advising tools promise to free up time-strapped counselors and “democratize” admissions expertise for less-privileged high schoolers. Will they?

A close-up of a student’s hands on a laptop keyboard with icons relating to AI seeming to emanate from the computer.

Bridging the AI Divide: A Call to Action

Leaders must take steps to prevent low-income and first-gen students from falling further behind, Adela de la Torre and James Frazee write.

Marching graduate students holding up signs

Boston University Denies It Would Use AI to Replace Striking Teaching Assistants

Boston University is pushing back against criticisms following a dean’s suggestion that AI tools be used amid a graduate students’...

Assessment of Student Learning Is Broken

And generative AI is the thing that broke it, Zach Justus and Nik Janos write.