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A drawing of a human brain made of gray jigsaw puzzle pieces with a single red piece that bears the acronym "AI," illustrating the concept of artificial intelligence.

The Program-Level AI Conversations We Should Be Having

Now is the time to progress to program-level conversations around curriculum and learning outcomes, Kathleen Landy writes.


The Pros and Cons of Our Algorithmized Age

Artistic and cultural creativity in an algorithmic world.


Like a Good Student, AI Is Getting Smarter

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT-4, Gemini Advanced and their competition now have more features than the versions we used just a year ago.


AI in Context

The law, policy and politics of AI.

University of Michigan Halts Offers to Sell Student Data to Train AI

The University of Michigan said it asked one of its vendors to stop work, following an offer on social media...

Prompting Progress: Advancing Your AI Skills

Generative artificial intelligence has the potential to greatly enhance your creativity, efficiency, productivity and relevance in nearly every role in higher education.

A woman points toward a screen filled with electronic blue dots. She also has electronic text projected onto her

How AI Has Begun Changing University Roles, Responsibilities

While job titles and descriptions have not changed, more faculty are being given AI-focused tasks, according to a new Educause survey.

A paper comes out of a computer screen with red lines highlighted. Two hands are typing on the laptop surrounded by glasses, a pencil and crumpled sheets of papers

Professors Cautious of Tools to Detect AI-Generated Writing

Mixed performance by AI-detector tools leaves academics with no clear answers.