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Integrating Generative AI Into Daily Work and Personal Life

Using generative AI should become as much of a part of your daily routine as checking the weather or taking a coffee or tea break.

CUNY to Receive $75 Million Donation to Boost Tech Programs

The City University of New York system is receiving the largest donation in its history, intended to help the urban...
A robot and man in dress clothes stand next to each other looking at an easel. There are icons floating in the background, including "AI"

A Year Later, Did Our ChatGPT Advice Get It Right?

Exactly a year ago, we shared the advice of 11 academics on the then-new ChatGPT. We followed up to see what has changed and what to expect in 2024.


Creating an AI Policy for Your Marketing Communications Team

Your marketing and communication teams serve a unique purpose for your college or university. That means you need a generative AI policy tailored to their specific functions.


How Will AI Disrupt Higher Education in 2024?

Last year was when generative AI infused higher education. What can we expect in this new year?

An illustration of high-tech AI graphics overlaid with the South African flag

Technology Students in Africa, Bolstered by ‘Grassroots AI’

Amid South Africa’s perfect storm of few universities, racial inequities and economic disparities, AI students find support in a not-so-grassroots grassroots movement.

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Online Pioneers Begin Urgent Pursuit of Value From AI

Paul LeBlanc is stepping down from SNHU’s presidency to help push higher ed to take the generative intelligence challenge far more seriously.