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A silhouette of a military drone that looks like an airplane. The silhouette is set against a light blue sky with white clouds. A serviceperson standing beneath the rear of the drone, is also silhouetted.

Does Military AI Research at Universities ‘Benefit Humanity’?

The Pentagon articulates a research focus that includes lethality. But universities that receive military funding often welcome the money with expressions of pride and altruism—and scant mention of the potential for harm.


Lifelong Learning With Artificial General Intelligence

What will it mean to higher education when AI systems carry out tasks at an intelligence level that matches or exceeds humans’?

ChatGPT Can’t Teach Writing

Automated syntax generation is not teaching.

A digitized man wearing glasses sits in a lecture hall surrounded by students, facing a professor speaking.

AIs Enrolling as Students in Michigan University’s Experiment

Artificial intelligences Ann and Fry will listen in to online courses before making their way to the classroom, ultimately eyeing Ph.D.s.

University Librarians See Urgent Need for AI Ethics

Nearly three-quarters of university librarians say there’s an urgent need to address artificial intelligence’s ethical and privacy concerns, a survey...

Integrating Generative AI Into Daily Work and Personal Life

Using generative AI should become as much of a part of your daily routine as checking the weather or taking a coffee or tea break.

CUNY to Receive $75 Million Donation to Boost Tech Programs

The City University of New York system is receiving the largest donation in its history, intended to help the urban...